Monday, November 22, 2010


For certain there is nothing prettier than a fresh fall of snow - as long as all you have to do is sit inside drinking warm cups of tea, looking out at the wonderland.

However..........when one has one senile dog with anxiety and serious mobility issues, one post-surgery dog who must not slip and fall, a housefull of animals across the street to let in and out through the day, two driveways and sets of stairs to keep clear, one contractor attempting to finish putting down the laminate, and snow all over everything and being  tracked in and out on said new floor.........

forgive me for being slightly less enamored than usual :)

It IS really pretty though. Here's Lori's barn seen faintly through the falling snow, which is already way too many inches high on the driveways and roads. I am worried about Lori, who had to drive to the west coast today, through the steep winding slippery mountain passes. I wont draw an easy breath till she is back home safe and sound.

That is Beau way back there on the left, standing stolidly in her blanket, not minding the snow one bit - except that it covers the grass, so she has nothing to munch on but hay till suppertime.

Our little dead-end road - the snowplough will be frantically busy on the main roads all day, we'll be lucky to even get Beaver Creek ploughed today, never mind the side roads.  I am not going ANYWHERE till the roads are clear.

That dark blotch over there is Pup, who loves the snow and with whom I maintain a running argument in this weather: "It is COLD! Come IN!" Resistance.

When we lived up north one winter, he would lie there until the snow completely covered him, just his eyes peering out. He loved it, bad wolf that he is. But he was younger then. Now he is old, and has lost the sense to come in when it gets too cold.

 I let him have ten minutes, then hauled him back inside. Both dogs and I are in the little back room, out of the way of the contractor.

I will let Pup have the last word of the day :)

Well that was a mere bagatelle to what followed......inches of snow fell till three p.m.


Havoc in town, accidents and rear-enders all over, semis off the road, roads closed - the typical first snowfall of the season stuff.

But then the snow stopped, the sun came out, and life looked doable once again. Gotta l;ove those gloriously blue winter skies!


  1. it was nearly sixty here today, with rain. My little tenderfoot does NOT do rain unless he absolutely has to go. He is very much an inside baby. Unless I am outside, too, he never stays out more than five minutes. Usually less.

  2. Ho! SIXTY? DEGREES? Argh all over again!:)

  3. Beautiful, but absolutely TOO early. I empathize with you and the dogs!

  4. Beautiful snow shots, Sherry, especially the one of Pup doing his snowman imitation! It does sounds way too hard for you, though, with all you have to do. We just have some leftover snow, and the bitter cold...I have not warmed all weekend!

    Good luck with your and the dogs be careful out there and hurry home to your cozy trailer as quickly as you can. Hopefully, the contractor will be finished soon...:)

  5. Dearest Sherry,

    Your post made me miss winter in Canada - 5 years of blizzard, snow and - minus 30degrees weather.

    By the way, just to let you know, I will be out of the loop these few months (though I will be browsing through the poets blogsphere)

    I have just started my new book - LEGENDS - From The Makyung, and the research and writing is taking up a lot of my spare time.

    Do visit my blog from time to time! As I will yours.


  6. Sherry...I know you live in Canada...but have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day anyway...Blessings...bkm

  7. those are lovely photos, sherry. it looks verrrrrrry cold though. your story about pup made him more adorable than ever. i'm sure he drove you crazy when he was much younger.

    blessings to you!

  8. Ah snow - I would have been more enamoured of your snow if we hadn't had a day of it ourselves yesterday :) - and wind! It was a proper blizzard, the kind I thought I left behind on the prairies. I was out for a while and so happy to be home again.

    Your photos are lovely though... And lucky you to have a horse (left mine on the prairies too). Hope Lori comes through okay.

  9. Lori made it home, thankfully. It was seventeen below last night - not sure what it is today - but our west coast area is NOT used to winter. Usually we get a sprinkle of snowy dust at Christmas that lasts two hours. This is going to be a real winter, it looks like. I MUST find my gloves..........and yes, Bing, Pup DID drive me crazy right up until he got old. And I have never loved a dog so much:)

  10. Whoah, I do agree with the beauty, but also the aggravation it can cause. Pup is a rig! He reminds me of my crazy beagle, who thinks he is a lamb, when it snows. He bounces in it, so funny~ Sorry Mother Nature isn't on your side today. She is fooling us today. My rose is in bloom it is 72 here, freak...I'm sure next week, it will be freezing. Crazy weather, not the norm!~ Glad to hear Lori is back home, safe n' sound! The blue skies with the snow are gorgeous. I hope life gets back to normal soon! xXx

  11. Don't forget your ear-muffs, Sherry!

  12. I know there are certain drawbacks to contend with, (like driving in the ditch!) but all I see from here is the amazing beauty that surrounds you!


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