Thursday, April 1, 2021

Two Wild Women, Hobbling


It is April first and, out of long habit,
two wild women will hobble out together
to see what poetry they might find,
as they have done so many times.

The first time was amazing.
This time, we are older and far more tired.
This time may be just - amazed.

No expectations. The wonder is
the journey, not the destination.

Tap, tap, tap go my fingers on the keys.
Tap, tap, tap goes my trusty cane
along the Path of Words.
Tap, tap, tap goes the demented woodpecker
on the tin roof, instead of on
the adjacent pock-marked tree,
full of juicy bugs.

I see myself in him.
One has to admire such
unremitting pluck.

Smiles. Elizabeth Crawford at Soul's Music, and I, in  April 2011, made the NaPoWriMo journey through poetry month together. So much has happened since then. We are both struggling with health and fatigue. My words are not flowing as they once did. But I will be grateful to my very last breath - that I have made / am still making this wondrous journey, and that I am still writing any words at all. 


  1. I have never tried the National Poetry Month poem a day ~~ decided to give it a good go! Happy April.

  2. I am so glad that you and Elizabeth continue to make this journey. 2011 seems like another lifetime ago. Enjoy the Poetry Month journey.


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