Friday, April 2, 2021

Being the Observer

The Broken Group Islands
off the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet

Star dreamer,
singer of ocean songs,
gatherer of beach rocks,
I whisper to cedar,
commune with ravens,
send love to the wolves,
give deep bows to the sunrise,
wrap morning fog
in ecstasy
around my throat,
hobble along the shore,
eyes ever alert
for treasures.

I am at the time of Watching,
of Being the Observer.
I sift and sort
a plentitude
of memories,
noting with gratitude
the winding path
that brought me here.
I am a Gatherer,
bundling up
life's daily gifts,
with reverence
and wonder.

Since I am retired, (and very tired!), my current job is observing this world, so full of beauty, human-created disasters and earth-borne delights.

One from 2018 for earthweal's open link


  1. and your observations are always keen, and kind (where deserved!) ~

  2. Much work to do there, and with what finer, more heartfelt eye? All poets should become Gatherers ... - Brendan

  3. I sift and sort
    a plentitude
    of memories

    Perhaps what most retirees do these days. Lots to reflect on and to wonder. Very real observation Sherry!


  4. I love the idea of gathering up one's earthly gifts. There is so much 'wonder' in our world.

  5. Lovely, Sherry .... lovely.

  6. I like having time (or making time) to be an observer. It's good to be reminded not to take things for granted.

  7. An essential occupation which you do so well.

  8. Oh, me too, Sherry! Retired tired observer, for a year mainly from my window, but I am gradually going to get out and about, and up close and personal with some of the human-created disasters and earth-borne delights. Luckily, I will see more of the latter where we live. I can’t wait to gather some beach rocks while listening to ocean songs! I love the lines:
    'I sift and sort
    a plentitude
    of memories'.

  9. I think you are doing an important job not only observing but also recording and sharing what you observe in poetry!


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