Sunday, April 11, 2021

On the Path


Before I knew I was on the path,
I was on the path, eyes fixed
on the sky, breathing deeply
the essence of tree-ness, 
sage, and Ponderosa pine.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
informed me I am an ocean person,
though I spent years in the desert,
distant waves advancing and retreating
in my heart.

The universe sent me guides:
gentle people whose way of being
in the world changed my life
and my story.  Very soon after,
I gathered my wings and flew

over the mountains to the sea,
and joy came to reside in me.
I have lived halfway between
convention and the longings
of my heart for the wild places,
dreams of cabins in the woods,
off-grid,  floathouses on the shore,
a foot in both worlds,
but heart all green and wild.
A wolf spirit companioned
my journey, the years he was alive,
and the ones since he's been gone.

Looking back, I clearly see
the path, how it curved and
made connections at exactly
the right moment in time,
how it led me where
I was meant to go. In my lifetime,
the universe has sent me so many gifts.
This morning the cherry blossoms
are about to open
on yet another spring,
and I am grateful, grateful
to hear the wild world sing.

Day 11


  1. Beautiful Sherry. I love your words and they have found a home within me. Our lives may be quite different at times, but there is so much more where we agree. Thank you my friend.


  2. You are blessed, and we are blessed to know your essence thru poetry.

  3. Phenology: the pleasure of reading that your cherry blossoms are just about to open on spring when ours are falling off the trees. Cheers!


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