Saturday, April 17, 2021

Third Wave

It's the third wave of the pandemic,
numbers rising alarmingly,
the virus now attacking the young,
who are tired of restrictions
and, ignoring them, are increasing
the likelihood they will continue
far longer.

Small businesses are closing their doors;
grandparents languish for lack of hugs
from their grandchildren; we wonder
what it will feel like to walk around
with naked faces again one day.

This morning I remembered
the tiny Suzuki violinists,
who played one night at the coffeehouse -
how adorable they were, how their mothers
stood behind them, playing their own violins;
how everyone smiled, and life was golden,
and so safe. We had never heard
of a mass shooting, in that quiet town,
in that peaceful year.

A thirteen year old with his hands in the air
is shot and killed by police, and people
quibble over what he "might" have had
in his hands just before.
A thirteen year old, shot and
killed by police. We are having
the wrong conversation.

The cherry trees, in full bloom, are full
of hummingbirds: darting, drinking joyously,
their tiny wings buzzing overhead.
I sit and watch them against the backdrop 
of cloudless blue. Anyone would think
this earth is a garden, that life is meant
to be peaceful, that we are here to share
and lift each other up.

It is the third wave of the pandemic,
and the beginning of the Sixth Mass Extinction.
My heart is heavy with remembering
the decades that brought us here;
it is lightened by small hummers
in the branches overhead,
who make me grateful for
these hours and days of peace,
the gift of white blossoms,
sunshine and blue sky: that sky
that has companioned me
all my life, and kept me
Looking Up.

Day 17


  1. And because you are a seeker, searching in all the right places that others don't really see. I like this Sherry because it brings us right back to what is important: the very nature of our existence.


  2. The third wave and I wonder how long it will take until we learn to swim? I think the cherry tree will live and blossom in another season but, I wonder how many human lives will be lost. The human race is dying and I wonder what have we learned? If anything, we should have learned the preciousness of each day.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  3. Hummingbirds in cherry trees are worth looking up for.

  4. you are a keeper of the flame ~

  5. Ah, the third wave of the pandemic. We could have gotten it under control as Australia did, if people weren't so selfish.Thank goodness for that sky to look up to!


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