Friday, April 16, 2021

The View From Above

You once took me up
in a small plane.
We looked down on
all the islands, small and large.

From our lofty perch,
we caught our breath
to see
the gigantic outline of
a resting grey whale,
adrift in the feeding grounds
of Ahous Bay.

One day we walked the trail
across Vargas,
me stopping at every leaf and fern
to exclaim,
you worried we would miss
the outgoing tide.
(We did, and had to row hard
back across the channel.)

Now you have left this earth.
What do you see from above?
Do you see me, still hobbling about,
mouth dropped in wonder
at one more unfolding spring?

Are you glad I continue
to pen words,
that I still find you
in sunrises and sunsets
as I always did,
that even though you are gone,
your presence in my life
still shines as golden
as it ever was, when we walked
these wild beaches

The view from above
must be
 just another way
to love this earth.

Day 16


  1. This is beautiful, Sherry. This must have been one special person whose presence still lights your life in this wonderful way!


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