Monday, May 18, 2020

The Forest of Growing Whole

Wild Woman lay wounded
on the Path to Becoming.
She observed the wounds
in silence, watched, over time,
as the skin of her heart
slowly knit itself
back together.

It is a miracle, the ability
that humans have: to heal,
amazing the resilience,
the courage, the hope it takes
to keep travelling
the Path of Tomorrow
until one finds oneself, at last,
in the Forest of Growing Whole.

Making the Soul Card Journey with Elizabeth Crawford


  1. Perhaps by the time one leaves this earth one will have grown whole. It IS a never-ending process.

  2. I think wholeness comes in pieces and parts. And because we experience it in that manner, sometimes when it all comes together, we are surprised by its seemingly sudden arrival. And that doesn't mean we won't ever have more doubts in the future. We do. That just means we aren't done growing yet. Thanks for this one Sherry...



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