Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Blue Sky Woman

Wild Woman has always been
a Blue Sky Woman,
walking, head tipped back,
and grinning at the sky.

"So blue!" she crows, in rapture.
"Such perfect clouds!"

When rain clouds come,
she assures her friends,
"The blue is still there,
right behind that big, black cloud."

They scoff.

But Wild Woman likes to keep
her blue skies sunny.
She walks, head tipped back,
and grinning at the sky.

for the Soul Card Journey with Elizabeth Crawford


  1. Really like your Blue Sky Woman, she reminds me of someone I know, lol...


  2. Sometimes it's hard to grin at the sky. But it's the best thing one can do. You've done it.

  3. I love the positive attitude of the Blue Sky Woman

  4. Love this, Make it the intro poem in your book!

  5. I love this and accept this choice of knowing that even if only in my aura, my spirit, my heart and mind there is a knowing that a 'blue sky' is present even when shadowed temporarily. For the reality of what is present, is what is present in 'our' eyes!

    Lovely piece, mi amiga!


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