Thursday, April 16, 2020

Wild Woman Knows What She Knows

Wild Woman made a journey
into the future, into the remains
of a world where all beings
have been finally deemed equal
in our capacity to suffer and die from
a deadly virus.

She saw two screens,
where future life was
playing out.

In one, the global wildlife trade
had stopped, wet markets and
factory farms had closed.
Animals were granted respect
and lives free of abuse,
as were all humans.
Humanity had changed the way
we live on Mother Earth.
She was beginning to heal.

On the other screen,
were wars and great suffering,
rampant disease and death
from hundreds of pandemics
unleashed by cruel practices,
 a world of rapacious greed,
extreme poverty and suffering,
a world choking on its own fumes,
a beautiful garden turned into
a human-created hell.

Wild Woman woke up
before she saw which path we chose.
She has no answer to that question;
she only knows what she knows,
and she'll share her wisdom well
before she goes.

Experts are saying the corona virus will still be around (the same as influenza) even after we flatten the curve and develop a vaccine. They also say more pandemics are waiting to be unleashed in the places where animals are cruelly caged, slaughtered and "processed" into food. (In North America, our factory "farms" are as damning as what we cluck about overseas. Hundreds of workers in those facilities are testing positive for covid.) Ancient viruses are also waking up in the north, where the tundra where they are stored is melting. This virus is our biggest sign yet that global change is needed in how we live on earth. Huge change. We need visionary leaders.  We need to heed the experts, and our own inner wisdom.

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  1. May we all choose the correct screen and learn from all of this. So many lessons to of which is to decide what real "leadership" is.

  2. I'm with Wild Woman. That makes us a congress of two...Give it time, we will grow...and thank you for the Call...


  3. Yes, a vivid truth..The world is at a fork in the road..which one will it take?

  4. Wild woman never tires of calling out the truth. I thank her as I pray for the world to listen.

  5. You note is as powerful as your poem! May both be heeded.

  6. Such an excellent premise, Sherry. I do so hope the first path is the one taken.

  7. Viruses are tricky things. I had chickenpox twice when I was a child. The virus lay dormant in my body and now I’m suffering from painful shingles. I’m not surprised more pandemics are waiting to be unleashed, or that ancient viruses are also waking up. I pray for the first vision of future life, in which Mother Earth begins to heal.

  8. This is deeply profound, Sherry!

  9. Ah, Sherry. Our planet is fighting back, and our wisdom needs to be equal to the battles. One can only hope we will choose the living path, and not one littered with corpses, animal and human.

  10. I like this, Sherry. I hadn't heard the term, "factory farms". Just about as damming is the "corporation farms" term. Likely there is no turning back for any of the sad affairs you listed and others.


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