Monday, April 27, 2020

New Maps to Light the Way

The hole in the ozone has healed
in these few short weeks

What we need, I think,
is not a new map to the old world,
because the old world,
pardon my language,
is f*cked, (by us),
with injustice, corruption,
and greed-at-the-cost-of-

What we need
is a whole new map
to a whole new world.

Mother Earth will help us
- is helping us now -
healing as fast as she can,
before we all come out and
press our feet to the accelerator again.

Gaia, help us
to learn what we so need
- and so resist the imperative -
to learn.

May we set the reboot.
May we set our sights
higher than they have ever
dared to dream.
May we learn what the
original people of the earth
have known for millennia:

We are all connected.
What happens to one
happens to us all.

Mother Earth's creatures
have gone hoarse
- and I have gone half-mad -
repeating this.

We need:
new maps
new eyes
new vision
new dreams.

Dream big.
It is all possible.
But it takes every one of us
(and ALL our votes)
to get us there.

for Brendan at  Earthweal: New Map to the Old World

I am frustrated. And tired. Smiles. But hanging in. Humans are too slow to learn, even slower to act, to change. How much worse does it have to get? Stay tuned.


  1. A compelling, thoughtful piece, Sherry, for surely we need something - that we didn't have before we 'ended up' where we are.

    It strikes me, more and more, as I get closer and closer to the end of my journey, that vast numbers of humankind are not contemplative, introspective beings. They do not reflect on cause and effect … on what they truly want to do with the gift of life they have been given … or on what they want their life - their existence - to be about. They basically just kind of muddle along, in a aimless quest for the next shiny thing that catches their eye. Sadly, when you put a few billion muddlers together on one planet … they can do a lot of damage.

    Somehow, those of us who love and revere this earth have got to find a way to reach those 'fellow human beings' who treat 'Mother Earth' with so much disrespect … that all living things (the muddlers included) will - and are - paying a terrible price.

    Let us hope, that this horrible pandemic - and the healing that is beginning in nature (with humans sheltered-in-place) will be a 'wake-up call' to all mortals. For, with certainty, it will be: The last wake-up call.

  2. I agree, Wendy, and it is not looking promising, especially with the person in power south of the border leading a significant portion of the population down the rabbit gets discouraging.

  3. Sherry, don't allow that discouragement to color who you truly are. Keep right on star-dreaming. Keep reminding all of us that this fragile planet is our home, and needs to be tended with all the care we give our living space when expecting company. Keep polishing that smiling face and your words. We need you...


  4. Thanks, Elizabeth. Mostly, it's all miracles and wonder. I have been watching the news too

  5. Reading your poem it strikes me how the real world--the growing, green, replenishing and embracing one--can be mapped only with the heart, as a topography of Yes and Amen. How different than as a distance to be mastered, conquered or extracted. Thanks for rolling this map out over the old new maps. - Brendan

  6. I agree, Sherry, we need ‘a whole new map / to a whole new world’, and the only place we can get it is from Mother Earth.

  7. I love what you say. I hope we can follow that new map.

  8. "Mother Earth's creatures
    have gone hoarse
    - and I have gone half-mad -
    repeating this."

    Amen, Sister! I'm not sure we can get a new world, but for sure we can read our terrain differently and navigate with sane maps.


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