Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weeping Willow of Remembrance

I am weeping willow,
lake-scent and whisperings
engraved on my heart,
in a small, sleepy town in the 50's,
water hitting the side of my grandmother's house
to wake me in the morning.
At my grandma's house,
it was always summer.

Willows weeping along the lake,
ripples lapping at the edges of my heart,
full of dreams of a future
I had no idea would be
so difficult, or so wonderful.

Bending willow, strong enough 
to weather wind and storm,
but soft enough to harbor dreams
and nurture hope.

Weeping willow of remembrance,
down all the years, the sight of one
takes me back to that sleepy little town,
my grandmother's cottage,
the beginning of a journey too long for telling,
and far too short and swift
in the remembering.

A couple of commenters on my Hanging Garden Tree poem mentioned the weeping willow, and I replied that were I to write what kind of tree I would be now, it would be the weeping willow. So I decided to write it.


  1. A weeping willow is graceful and beautiful while giving shelter to many and bends with the adversity without breaking. Yes, I would say you are.

    Beautiful write.

  2. Sherry

    I absolutely love it..yes, the weeping willow is indeed strong and flexible..I def have the spirit of a weeping willow..the second verse touches the spirit of the tree..

    so glad you wrote I want to write one as well...

  3. Sherry, I always loved the giant willow in our yard growing up. I always looked at it as the majestic guardian of the property. I loved the trip back in time you laid before me. Peace.

  4. I love your meanderings - they calm me. Thank you.

  5. strong and soft and flexible and planted close by the water... what a wonderful tree and what wonderful preconditions as well to face droughts and difficult times in life as well...

  6. The most beautiful futures are the ones we have to work harder, and go through more pain for. I have grown up around several willows like that as well. Most noteably at my grammas house.

    I am glad you wrote the updated tree poem.

  7. And now I'll never look at weeping willows in quite the same way!

  8. I love this one, Sherry~ The intimate dance of emotion lingers~

  9. This one is full of sweetness mixed with a little melancholy memory. I love the photo - so cute!

  10. it's raining in socal now, Sherry - that willow would be right at home ~


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