Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nothing Like A Good Fantasy


Scary Fairy Sherry breeches the holy vault
of the national legislature.
A hush falls as she swoops overhead
sprinkling magic dust on all the
rotund, beefy-cheeked, porky politicians.
They stop name-calling and squabbling about
more tax breaks for the rich,
and a "cost-of-living" increase in
their own gazillion dollar "extra benefits" package,
(to be financed by cuts in services to the poor) -
the only two items on the agenda.

They stop asking, "Mr Speaker,
will Someone please tell me, Mr Speaker,
when Mr (Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair)
will tell the Canadian people
what the fuddle-duddle
is going on?"
The roars of approbation 
and equally loud disgruntled booing
come to a full stop.
They all (for once united)
fix their beady eyes, 
jowls quivering in consternation,
on the small, green eco-warrior
at the podium.

The security guards are not sure of protocol.
They finger their holsters nervously
until she shoots them a look
and they desist.
You don't want to piss off
a person with magical powers.

Scary Fairy Sherry flutters
at the microphone.
"Ahem. This is to inform you
that the Women's Revolution
has begun.
In a moment, I will strike you
mute and motionless
long enough for the Women of the World
to get our housekeeping done.
We will sweep the armies off the landscape,
open the storage silos where food 
is uselessly warehoused,
and feed the hungry.
We will order all multinationals 
to pay their fair share of taxes,
clean up their mess,
and reduce all emissions to zero,
effective yesterday.

"We will begin programs all over the world,
to protect, nurture and restore
wildlife and ecosystems.
We will develop clean energy systems
all over Mother Earth,
to provide work and reverse the damage
oil-based energy has caused.
There will fricking be
No More Fracking.
We recognize you are addicted
to the oil energy model.
When you wake up
(to a clean green world)
we will send you all to treatment
for detoxing and rehabilitation.
Do not worry.
You will find out
there is another way to live.

"All of this rehabilitation of the earth
will employ every able body, for fair pay,
thus ending poverty and hopelessness
Every person will have a purpose,
and a means of sustaining him or herself
and their families.
We will enforce Sustainable Only use
of resources world-wide.
We will set up Task Forces everywhere
for restoration of the health of land and sea.

"Grandmothers will replace you
in positions of governance.
We will make decisions
based upon the well-being
of our children's children's children,
to the seventh generation. 
Decisions will be based on life and health,
not greed, money or power.
And you can bet your sweet patooties
we will not be sending 
our pink-cheeked boys
into the desert with guns.
Not gonna happen.

"So you can feel, deal and heal.
Or not.
We don't really care.
We have a lot of work to do,
cleaning up all your mess.
Sweet dreams.

Scary Fairy Sherry waves her wand.
The porky politicians
topple over onto their desks
for a Hundred Year Snooze.
And the women of the world
get to work.

LOL. Don't I wish!!!!!! For Susan's prompt at Mid-Week Motif : to write about how much people can get done when they work together. Or, alternatively, one's fantasy about power. I picked the fantasy.

The fuddle duddle comment harks back to when Pierre Trudeau (father of our current incumbent) famously said the F-word in legislature, and covered it up by saying he had uttered "Fuddle Duddle". 


  1. Need some magic dust to use in our Assembly and Parliament fairy Sherry to straighten up the "rotund, beefy-cheeked, porky politicians", love, love this one :)

  2. I LOVE Scary Fairy Sherry! Think she could pay the U.S. congress a visit, too?

  3. What a lovely fantasy, Scary Fairy Sherry! It drew a big smile on my face :)

  4. Oh I love this fairy Sherry who waves her magic wand to put everything right in the world :D
    Such a delightful read! :D

    Lots of love,

  5. And a couple of people stand and applaud
    " the small, green eco-warrior
    at the podium "
    Wow, Sherry, when you rule the world and wave your magic wand, I want to be in that number!

  6. Dear Scary Fairy Sherry, I will work for you, vote for you, support you and thank goodness, there won't be any reason to fight for you.
    I absolutely love this. How wonderful to have such a witty sense of humor about something so dear to you - the whole world. Oh, you did such a great job with this prompt. I just LOVE it. (Mine is fantasy too, but not at all like yours.)

  7. Encore!!! It would be great if all 'bad guys' called by their grandmas and reminded about good manners.... :)

  8. it never ever hurt to dream, even if one problem is solved it leaves room to work on others, keep dreaming, it cannot make things worse LOL

  9. Go Scary Fairy Sherry, go! (Though I am not mislead by the lightness of touch in the sincerity of your weighty demands...)

  10. that was one hell of a speech! enthralling, commanding and powerful. wishes do come true - will be waiting for the day you are in the podium of the world :)

  11. Can you please run for president this year? I dont think we will have anyone running that will even touch most of these issues.

    Fun piece Sherry.

  12. Hurry up there and come as soon as can to Australia, you are desperately needed here. The accumulated wealth they are gathering will be of no use in the underground bunker where they wait for the end of Earth as we know it.

  13. "There will fricking be no more fracking" ..yes! Sigh!

  14. Oh for a wand to wave, but words can be just as powerful.

  15. Oh...If I could wave my magic wand and make one change in the ecosystem like this for social impact...Sounds simple, right? In reality, good ideas often languish for lack of real management.
    Fantastic poem. Enjoyed reading..

  16. Trudeau was a colorful personality. He brought Canada into the limelight as no other since then. Somehow one remembers him more than the others that come after him! Great write Sherry!


  17. That would be an amazing use of power.

  18. Well you are not scary but are definitely magical and i wish you could be in charge of the world for a day! How very true that it tends to be women who get the work done! Ah, for one wish...also love the fuddle duddle anecdote...not quite as satisfying to say but amusing!

  19. ah yes my super hero alter ego is Wonder Woman; i do agree nothing like a good super hero fantasy, so much is achieved

    i posted my poem on 'power' late this week

    much love...

  20. If only things could be that simple, Scary Fairy :)

  21. Scary Fairy Sherry, you have my overwhelming vote of confidence, go get 'em! :-)


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