Friday, July 3, 2015

Loving Each Other

Wild Woman speaks 
from the deepest truth she knows,
learned through many years of living:
never lose sight of the miracle it is,
that you two beautiful people
found each other in all this big wide world.
It is rare in this lifetime
for such a thing to occur.
You have married your best friend.
Never forget, each morning when you wake,
that you are looking at the one you love best,
the one who loves you best.
It is an outstanding fact, 
never to be taken for granted.

In times of fatigue, of sickness, of tribulation,
always be grateful 
that you have each other's hand to hold,
each other to turn to for comfort.
When stress comes,
when there is too much month 
and not enough money,
when the baby cries all night 
and you would give much
for a few hours' sleep,
when there is so much Necessary Doing
and not enough time for Being,
take a deep breath.
Face whatever is happening together 
with courage and determination
and as much hysterical laughter as you can manage.
(Secret: it is the laughter
that will get you through.)

When the job is lost, 
the severance cheque gets lost in the mail,
the rent is due, the dog barfs 
on your best blanket,
and the cat misses the litter box 
by a country mile,
(sometimes all in the same day),
view these as gifts which hone your mettle,
increasing your opportunities 
for both laughter and faith.
Trust that together you will find a way 
to make it through,
and that everything can only
get better from here.

Remember you are in this life together.
You have chosen each other for all time.
Make the other's happiness your priority,
so you both may blossom
into the fullness of being who you are.
Share the load equally.
Hold hands.
See each other's being in each other's eyes.
Always listen to what each other's heart is saying
beneath the words that are spoken - or not spoken.

Never forget to be kind.

Love always,

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