Thursday, July 9, 2015


On a day
when the heart was heavy,
when the forests were burning,
the wildlife in terror,
Wild Woman's heart hung heavy.

But then,
the kind words and well wishes from friends
arrived to refill her heart
with gratitude and gladness.
It was like looking into the heart
of a sunflower.
No one can stay gloomy for long
looking at a sunflower.

Thank you, my friends,
for sending rays of sunshine
to lighten my heart
and roll those dark clouds away.

Yesterday was a day of amazement and gratitude, for the rich world of the poetry community in which I live these days. You poured your kind and loving words into my heart, which drank them in gratefully. It felt like walking through a field of sunflowers, under blue sky, on a day full of goodness. Thank you for your sunny presence in my life.


  1. You are such a blessing in my life. May you find peace in those who love you and the nature that calls you.

  2. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.

  3. I agree with Susie~ You have a magic quality to find the good, the beauty in everything, Sherry~

    Thank you, for this gorgeous insight and for your wonderful friendship~ @>----------------xo

  4. Even when the skies are so grey with smoke, it's nice that you have good friends who care about you, and about what's important to you.


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