Friday, July 3, 2015

Impermanence / Eternal Waves

Four monks sit cross-legged
in their red and saffron robes
creating a sand mandala
swirling colours , intricate design.
After hours of labor,
it is all swept away,
clearing the space for another day


Clearing the space for another day,
it is all swept away, 
after hours of labor,
swirling colour, intricate design,
a sand mandala creation.
In their red and saffron robes, 
the four monks sit, cross-legged.


Endless song sung joyfully
under the sun and moon
the notes repeat
a circular tune
in by day and out by night
I hear its roar, I feel its beat

- eternal waves -

I hear its roar, I feel its beat
in by day and out by night
a circular tune,
the notes repeat
under the sun and moon -
an endless song, sung joyfully

Palindromes. The word "impermanence" was in my head thanks to Myrna's beautiful poem with that title........


  1. Excellent, Sherry! I find these incredibly difficult to do.

  2. Ah, the sand mandala being swept away -- such a good example of the impermanence of everything. It definitely is something we all need to learn & come to terms with. NOTHING lasts forever.

  3. It's amazing how the pieces play themselves beautifully in whichever order you read. Superb.

  4. beautifully done palindrome... i wish i had the patience for mandalas.. oy.. lots to learn over here

  5. Lovely Sherry. Mandalas are deep lessons for us to cherish each moment. Thanks for mentioning my poem. I love how artfully you adhere to form while saying something so meaningful.


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