Monday, July 13, 2015

Awaken the Mother Mind*

from youtube video Awaken The Mother Mind

The time of the warrior is past,
the time of wars and killings,
of linear thought, of invasions and
take-overs, lust for power,
and the oppression, killing
and subjugation of people.

It is time for the Divine Feminine to arise,
time to awaken the Mother Mind,
which sees from the womb,
from the place of giving life,
whose vision is circular, inclusive,
gazing in all directions at once, 
respectful of all beings,
respectful of all life.

The shaman says we must feel what is happening
in the core of our being: it hurts,
but when we understand the other's pain,
we can work to ease that pain.
We cannot then disassociate from
what is happening to others.

This is a painful seeing.
But mothers are born strong enough
to bear the pain of others,
wise enough to see the samenesses
between us are greater 
than our differences.

The shaman says, "We must think like grandmothers."
Grandmothers cherish life. 
Grandmothers have gained life wisdom.
Grandmothers know how futile is 
the firing of bullets and bombs.
Grandmothers know the way of peace
cannot be won by war,
and that freedom is not free
if thousands shed blood to achieve it.

Let the warriors rest
from their thousand years of warring.
Let the Mother Mind flower all over this planet.
Let the joyous bells ring out for 
the long-awaited
thousand years of peace.

*Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa's video Awaken the Mother Mind inspired this poem. The thousand years of war and peace is from Tennyson's "In Memoriam", which Sumana reminded me of yesterday. I'll enclose the video for those who might wish to view it. It is short and sweet.


  1. I thought that was really insightful, vivid and mesmerizing at the same time. Greetings!

  2. Bravo! YOU need cheers and applause-for going there. Go grannie go!

  3. The contrast between linear thought and the circular vision of the mother mind is really striking to me. This is powerful, Sherry, and deeply moving.

  4. "Let the Mother Mind flower all over this planet."....the line gave me goosebumps....we sooooooooooo need this...

  5. I love the wisdom of grandmothers (and mothers too) ~ Will check out the video ~ Thanks Sherry for this wonderful post ~ Peace ~

  6. you inspire me, mi amiga. you inspire much with these words and how they are constructed to form a mantra. you are special.

    gracias for sharing. have a calm and peaceful day. may it be, enough

  7. So often, your poems are like prayers of a different kind. The kind that speaks of truth, not just a plea, but a reflection of what is and what could be. This is one of those poems. Thank you Sherry. You are a gifted spirit.

  8. Sherry,
    What will happen when we stop praying?

  9. Oh, it really does hurt when you open yourself to feeling what is really going on in our world. I like the opneing up to the womb, the place of giving life. If we could lay down those swords.

    This is a good vid too. Hope some people take the time to watch it.

  10. it is, perhaps, more like 10,000 years of warring: the beginning of cities. but once there, even ants and termites never looked back.... eventually evolving to a queen-based society. hmmm. ~


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