Sunday, July 5, 2015

Old Blue

Poor old Blue Car
we traveled together for a lot of miles.
You served me well.
You didnt ask for anything.
Just a little gas and a high ready heart 
for the road ahead.
You were tired and battered and dented
with pieces falling off.
Your brakes and doors didnt work.
But your engine started 
every single time.
You never let me down.

It felt like putting a dog down
leaving you at the wrecker's.
I patted you,
thanked you,
felt a pang as I turned away.

I loved the way you looked
when I came out of a store
to find you in the parking lot.
Staunch, steadfast, faithful, waiting,
True Blue.

Thank you for those many miles
we journeyed together,
for carrying my Pupster to all the wild places,
for transporting all my little passengers
to parks and trails and rivers and lakes
and the ice cream store.

You hold a lot of history 
inside your battered body,
as do I.
As do I. 

I hung a feather in my jaunty new little red car,
am grateful for its brakes and tires and engine.
But it will never take your place.
The ride will never be True Blue,
in quite the way it was with you.


  1. It is funny how we become attached. It was a good car but red will be true too.

  2. I know we actually develop relationships with our vehicles. I've had several close ones. My fav was a little silver grey sports car. I felt so cool in it.
    It looks like your cute red car will serve you well. Enjoy!

  3. I remember how I disliked parting with an old Dodge Caravan I had. It is not only the CAR, but the memories with the car. know I like that red car! Super sporty. Very, very cool.

  4. Ah, a red car -- a sign of new adventures...we do get attached to our cars, but sometimes we have to let go and get something we can depend on.

  5. Have had a few cars that I was sad to see pass for all the years.adventures. stories. contained in the seats and carpet. Ha.

  6. You know I love this poem, Sherry, most especially the comparison of the bodies!

  7. Nice new ride, Sherry! Still, we do get crazy attached to our old cars, don't we?

  8. Letting go is never easy...the red one is so beautiful! Happy Trails to you....

  9. a lovely red car...will be as good as the blue one :)

  10. So charming! I have rarely been so attached to a car. A few have been stolen! k.

  11. We DO develop relationships, of sorts, with our cars and bikes and other possessions!

  12. You always write with such an open heart ... machines, too, are sons and daughters of god ... So well put here.

  13. brakes are good... glad you will be safer, even if that old mechanical beast had to go to pasture ~


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