Thursday, July 9, 2015


I am a lover of the blue sky.
Perfect clouds like a dream sail by;
of a green walk in the wild wood;
of tall trees dripping on me where I stood;
of mist rising up where the river bends;
of the small sweet song of a striped-headed wren.

I am a lover of the burning flame
lit for world peace in hearts the same.
I am a lover of the morning sun,
already radiant the day begun.
I am a lover of the whale, leaping,
of the blue, blue hills in the sunset sleeping.
I am a lover of the eagle's cry,
who sweeps and soars without a Why.

I am a lover of life alone,
of the heart's peace when it's at home.
I am a lover of my old dog's smile,
of his warm brown eyes, of his lack of guile.
I am a lover of the warm spring rain,
of the smell of earth stirring to life again.
I am a lover of the ocean's roar,
of the sandy beach stretching all before.
I am a lover of rock and log,
of driftwood shapes looming through the fog.
I am a lover of clouds, of stars,
of the falling dark, of soft guitars,
of the meadowlark, of the summer breeze,
of days of struggle, days of ease,
of heartfelt love gone away too soon,
of goodbyes under a slice of moon.

I am a lover of fresh-cut grass,
of children's laughter, of dogs I pass,
of babies all innocence and rapture,
of the bent and aged who tremble after,
of the falling leaves, of a job well done,
and I am a lover of beasts that run,
of water that moves and creates its own way,
of the journey made and the price I pay.

I am a lover of brand new books,
those journeys that I never took.
I am a lover of music that sings
songs of the heart, the hope it brings,
and the flight of poems for a brand new dawn
that knows this life is Moving On.

Like the heron, stalk-still at the water's edge,
makes a sudden leap, I am the same.
Poised to dive from a tilting ledge,
the horizon lit with a golden flame,
I'm waiting to hear Someone
call my name.

My Toadly Friends, this poem was written January 31, 2001. But I am posting it here for Ellie's prompt at Real Toads: write about the things you love, the things that get you through. I have been on the edge myself of late. It has been a harrowing few days, given forest fires and distressed wildlife, and I just don't think I can write it any better than I did in 2001. Plus Ellie isn't very strict and she wont get mad at me, LOL. So here you go. From Blue Sky Woman to you, with love.


  1. Oh...Sherry!! This flows with such musicality...what a treasure of verse you've collected here and I love the way you bring the heron and personify that stillness before the leap...such beauty and awe you've drawn. I'm so glad you brought this one forward!! Thank you!

  2. I probably read this the first time but it struck me today, like lightning to my heart. Is it against the rules for you to select your own poem as poem of the week? Because this is marvelous. I am going to print it and put in on my wall. I always sound trite when I say love is the answer to all questions, but your poem expresses this magnificently. Bless you Sherry.

  3. Sherry, I have read your work and have enjoyed everything I read. This one is the icing on a cake, the tip of Mt Olympus, the heart of the earth and exactly what I would have said if I could have. A++++++

  4. A loving and beautiful poem. Thanks, Sherry--just very sweet and human. k.

  5. This is beautifully written, Sherry! A timeless & very touching poem to me who knows you as a person. It sums up so very well just who you are. This is a keeper poem...a legacy poem!

  6. Such a beautiful flow through this poem :D this is absolutely brilliant! Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  7. Hugs! This is gorgeous and you make me want to chant on the edge and yell-Sherry rocks!
    Stunning and clever with so much love~

  8. You said it beautifully, Sherry. These are the things that count.

  9. This is one of your best. I hope that as you either C&P'd or wrote it that some of the great feeling in it could take over some of your tough feelings of today - hugs! I am somewhere new now:

  10. I feel like humming it with my favorite beautiful Sherry...

  11. I think it so wonderful - awesome really -- that you found so much to say 15 years ago and still have managed to say so much since! Power of poetry, of the loving heart -- great work ... may it continue to suffice throughout, may you always be a lover of this life.

  12. This is so great.. what a song to all that's beautiful.. there is so very much to love in life... it's a real therapy to read your words.

  13. This was a delight to read. I savoured every line, of it. Thanks. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. Is it any wonder why you are so loved?

  15. Your poem is full of the joy of life, Sherry--overflowing with all the things that may seem small to a shallow eye, but that run deep as the earth in our hearts. I have been following the terrible fires up there--awful! Stay safe, tho I know you are hurting as much for the animals as for any danger to yourself.

  16. Too much of a lover, aint ya :)

  17. Your poem is full of the riches of life...

  18. Liking all of these, Sherry. Blue sky it my favorite, there is soooo much sky pollution any more, from billboards to airplane contrails.

    We had a blue heron who sat on the bridge railing that we would see crossing the lake. One day there was just a pile of feathers.
    I think you read the poem for her and other unfortunates along life's highway.

  19. "I am a lover of life alone,
    of the heart's peace when it's at home"

    I am a lover of this line!

  20. My favorite line: "who sweeps and soars without a Why."--how are the blue skies there these days, Sherry? Are they blue again after all the fires? I sure hope so!!


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