Thursday, July 30, 2015


Last night's moon

magical mystical purveyor
of myth and mystery

Silvery ambassador
who shines from sea to sea

As if you know the secret
of whatever is to be

Radiant midnight moon,
the stars and I agree

If you know the future,
please don't tell its tale
to me.


  1. I dont want to know the future either. The past and the present are hard enough to juggle, much less a determined future that I have no control over. The only control I have are the decisions that I make today.

  2. I missed the moon last night. We had clouds and a storm that hid it. Love your photo and I hope the moon keeps its fortune telling to itself too. I don't want to know the future.

  3. me too...don't want to know the future....present is loaded beautiful photo Sherry...

  4. I so agree with that last stanza. It's enough of a challenge to live mindfully in the present, isn't it? Nicely expressed, Sherry.

  5. I think it is better sometime NOT to know the future!

  6. I too agree that we do not need to know the future. We do have beautiful moons at the moment and I am glad I can enjoy their stunning beauty.

  7. My daughter is just learning the word "moon". I also agree with your moon philosophy. I'm ok not knowing the future.


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