Monday, July 29, 2013

Chasing Clouds

Yesterday's Sky-Show had some very spectacular clouds on display. As I have both Sebastian, my four year old sidekick, and Jeff, my son, a slightly larger kid, with me this week, we decided to go Cloud Chasing in the car. We headed out Beaver Creek, paralleling the Beaufort Range.

We were intrigued by this old silo, and the beautiful property across the street.

We drove right to the end of Beaver Creek, where it curves around and you get a wonderful look back at the hills. Prime cattle grazing land out here.

We turned around and headed for Stamp Falls, one of our favorite spots around here, because it is the wildest.

Along the river we went, with Power Ranger Sebastian to protect us

Jeff and I both have camera-phobias, but I managed to catch two smiles!

My friend Sebastian is always smiling!

We stopped for yogurt cones on the way home and called it a highly satisfactory day.

Ms Jasmine was happy to see us return home,

and Power Ranger Sebastian took up his post once again.


  1. What a wonderful tale of adventure and wonder to read on a Monday morning....thank you the pics....oh how I have missed you!!

  2. Beautiful, Sherry. Enjoyed the many views...of scenery, Sebastian, and Jeff. But I missed seeing YOU.

  3. Great round-trip Sherry! Never thought about it before. Cloud chasing can be so engrossing and mesmerizing. And you cleverly inserted in the environment and the human side simultaneously. That makes it all the more interesting. Clever take Ma'am!


  4. Gorgeous clouds there, Sherry, and they gave you a great chase. Sebastian is SO cute, and I'm so glad you had a visit with Jeff.
    Absolutely wonderful scenery, of course, (I just LOVE the island) and of course your welcome-home dog is perfect!

  5. yogurt cones always make it a successful day....smiles...beautiful country out there...always good to have a power ranger handy too...smiles.

  6. Lovely pictures, and a day well spent!

  7. Oh! wow, lovely photographs and a lovely walk in the lap of nature:)

  8. Sherry, thanks for taking us on a wonderful journey. Sounds like great companionship - and Sebastian is the cutest guardian I've ever seen! Riley used to love Power Rangers but would NOT wear the pink suit (gee, a clue?!).

    I went on a long drive through parts of Wisconsin I had not seen just today... remarkable, but I lacked a camera. Will not make mistake again.

    Glad you caught Jeff for a couple of shots. And yes, he does look like a "big kid"! Lovely family, lively post, Sherry. Love, Amy

  9. Lovely photos, Sherry. :-)

  10. Gorgeous day! I loved your photos and the magic of the day! Nice smiles from both kids! What a lovely day~ Jas looks happy to see you safely return-thanks to Sebastian ;D

  11. You must admit, it's easy to go on such adventures if you have a power ranger and a handsome guy with you. Glad you had fun. I love chasing clouds too.

  12. Really enjoyed the lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing your adventure, so nice.

  13. What fun to chase clouds! And find smiles along the way.


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