Wednesday, July 24, 2013


In 1985
Stephanie was nine,
when her father,
whom she had not seen 
since she was an infant,  
arrived in a limousine
to glad-hand her
around the town,
and dazzle her with how life could be
outside our little house,
with its shortage of food
but abundance of love and laughter.

Like a comet
he hit her solid little world head-on
and rocked its foundation,
making her wonder
when he left town
(walking, since he had blown all his money
on the dazzle, and taking back the $50
he had given her)
what life with a dad
always around might be,
and why she wasnt enough
to make him stay.

posted for Alan's prompt: 1985 at Poetry Jam. Pick any year, I have more material than I can live long enough to write, hee hee.


  1. he took back the money? omg. he probably walked away with an enveloping shame too. (((((steph))))) steph has always been enough. sunshine xx

  2. How sad Sherry ~ But maybe its for the best for the child(ren) ~

    Have a good week dear ~ next time we will to the Vancouver Islands and see your beautiful beaches ~

  3. No child should have to go through something like that. How very sad.

  4. It's better for a parent to not be there, if all they leave behind is sadness. Lovely write, Sherry.

  5. This is sad, such a bitter pill to swallow. Some people should not be parents~

  6. What an adorable picture, Sherry. How could anyone break the heart that goes with a face like hers? The man deserves to be hit with a horse-whip.
    It's hilarious that he had to walk out of town but horrible that he took back the money he'd given her.
    Hit more than once with a horse-whip, I say.
    Luv, K

  7. why she wasnt enough to make him stay...that is such a hard many questions, esp when the parent you are with is still around but not with you...what a nasty trick he tried to pull as well...ugh...seen it, had to pick up the pieces...

  8. Awwe this is sad - friggin 80's men were big on running away. It actually good shot of reality.

  9. Oh Sherry..that is really hard . It would have been better if he had just stayed away
    permanently.Some of the best and successful people I know come from single mother families.x

  10. ...'why she wasn't enough to make him stay' --- ah, this break my heart... why, indeed? the answer seems forever to figure to fully digest its validity... i can only sigh on a sad note like this.. smiles...

    p.s. »» i sent you an e-mail last 07/16/2013, 8:21 PM & 07/24/2013, around 6:06 AM Manila, Philippines Time.

    Good day!

  11. I was just here today, and here you are with another poem…I was divorced in 1999 and remarried in 2000. Until today, my ex and I talk and visit. Recently we had a family meeting, him, me and our two eldest girls. After all these years, it was a good experience to be able to sit across the table and talk to the girls, sharing our joint concerns as parents.

    So I must be lucky, but at the time I was as crazy and angry as a wild horse. I am sorry both you and Stephanie had to go through that phase of life, even though you did come out stronger.

  12. Hard to read Sherry ... Stephanie was blessed to have you as leader of the pack.

  13. That was just a heart breaking scene and i wanted to just run out and hug. Great poem and really made me think.

  14. How sad this must have been for her and for you. I know what it's like to have a missing father. Still, I know you did your best to fill the vacuum he left. Stephanie is so lucky to have a loving mother.

  15. To be honest, from the sounds of it, she is lucky he left and stayed away. Richness of love and laughter far surpass the dazzle, lies, and falsehoods he offered.


  16. wow- a sugar daddy that really was a lemon.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  17. This hit close to home, Sherry. One of your commenters said, " ...friggin 80's men were big on running away." The one I'd been married to was definitely big on it, especially when it came to his kids.

  18. This is so tough. I don't understand how a parent could abuse a child's heart like this.

  19. Oh, this is so sad!No child should go through this...heart-wrenching piece, Sherry.

  20. beautiful words....lovely lines!!

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  22. OH, this is sad, well written, but sad. So many little girls and boys are asking that same question.

  23. For good and for bad children are hit full force by the actions and words of their parents


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