Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day, eh?

You know you're in Canada when:

everyone says "eh"

you step on someone's foot or bump them 
with your grocery cart
in a store, and they say, "Oh, I'm sorry"

monster trucks on tires the size of 
your average bear, and their loud cohorts, 
the ATV's, rev and scream around your campsite, 
boom boxes blasting,
as they "enjoy the great outdoors"

moose antlers, or their replicas, are affixed 
to those same trucks

bumper stickers say "Hug a logger - 
you'll never go back to trees!" 
and "my other vehicle is a broom"

"Beautiful B.C". signs are affixed 
to the roadside
right next to the clearcuts

you see someone sitting for hours 
in front of a hole in the ice,
and they think it's entertaining

hockey is happening somewhere, as we speak

on Canada Day night, you can't be sure if it's fireworks
or firearms going off, and you're not about to stick your 
head outside to find out

you don't know if it is wild wolves or your neighbors 
out there, howling at the moon

you come out of the Wickaninnish Restaurant and 
find a bear in the backseat of your car, polishing off 
the leftover Tim Horton's doughnuts

everyone you meet, no matter what their ancestral heritage, tells you, "I'm so glad that I'm Canadian, eh?"


  1. Yikes! That sounds like a true bear story--and thee clearcuts! Contradictions aside, Canada's one of the very few countries I would even consider living in. Happy Day, Sherry!

  2. Lovely, Sherry,
    My English family are always so shocked by the monster trucks!

  3. Oh my, what a bear story! Love all the Canada facts. I hope one day to make it up there!

  4. LOL, we have the "eh" people around here as well. As far as BC being beautiful, I couldn't agree more. And hockey, yes, that I do really associate with Canada. We have a pro team here, but who watches it? Happy Canada Day, Sherry!

  5. That bear story is pretty much true, although I'm not sure where it happened. Last month, I think it was, eh?
    Someone let off fireworks last night at midnight, scared my dog. Am hoping no one is planning to do it tonight. We're going to get to White Rock in time to see the fireworks for the 4th over in Blaine, but I don't think we'll park near the water to watch. Lindy would hate it.
    Luv, K

  6. ha. eh. i need to get back up there...i was a teen the last time i cross the border into in the car! had one come up and look in the window at me....not once, but twice now...shivers....

  7. A bear rifling the grub and staying on as a passenger on the back seat, eh! Lots of fun being Canadian! Thanks for sharing Sherry!



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