Sunday, July 21, 2013

When the Big Winds Blow

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Mother Earth is not a place 
for us to inhabit
like a tenant,
wiping our feet on her,
using her unthinkingly,
leaving her without 
a backward glance.

She is a living, thinking, feeling,
intelligent entity,
and she is in distress,
because of us.

We are not separate from her,
(it seems obvious to say),
but are a part of her suffering whole,
the root cause of our (not "her") 
global imbalance.

"When the big winds begin to blow",
the elders warned,
"it is a sign that we are approaching
the tipping point, beyond which
it will be too late."

The big winds are blowing, my friends,
all across these lands.
We need to take off our shoes,
walk on the earth with reverence,
send our tears and our deepest love
deep into the soil,
and all of our prayers to heaven.

Make each choice knowing
that we are all connected,
that what happens to one
happens to us all.

Ultimately, Mother Earth will heal.
With or without us.

"The first peace comes with your Mother Earth.
Dahnayto (Now I am finished)"
Chief Oren Lyons
Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan
of the Onondaga Nation


  1. Yes. I rarely walk barefoot or play in the earth anymore. My loss. Fine Fine poem!

  2. Yes, we are all connected...... and the last two lines are strong ones. "with or without us" --- I do hope with our help!

  3. I also hope we can help the earth to heal. So much of what we can do depends on others—big business and government making decisions we can but abhor or applaud.
    I often think of all the improvements which could have been made during the years spent talking, negotiating, making plans and scrapping them.
    A good reminder, Sherry.

  4. I've always felt a deep connection to the earth. I notice when I return after a hectic day of driving in a city, how truly blessed I feel to have those beautiful trees and the little stream in my yard. Another lovely write, Sherry.

  5. So true Sherry. She will heal, but us...?

  6. I enjoyed reading this.

    we are all connected,
    that what happens to one
    happens to us all

    That's certainly true, though it's odd how long it can take for that concept to take root in our human minds.

  7. Wonderful Sherry! A message that should be broadcasted through the land! Wake up...
    before it is to late~

  8. with or without us. *shudder*

  9. 'We need to take off our shoes,
    walk on the earth with reverence,'-
    my favs...~ Sherry,you-so caring...~ Love the poem :)

  10. Such a call to take care of Mother Earth..we have failed so much. May we somehow stop the evil we are doing to her.

  11. I think if more nations considered earth as a living entity there might be more respect shown.. but then, many nations show no respect for animals or plants so I don't hold out much hope.

  12. Wonderful telling it like it is. If only more people would take care as owners instead of tenants. But we aren't the owner, it all belongs to God.

    I did a quick Bible search as I always thought that God has appointed us stewards of His earth. I couldn't find any verses quickly that say that though.

    Being a steward implies being a good one by legal duty. If we are stewards, and I believe that we, we collectively, sure are messing up his good earth.


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