Friday, July 19, 2013

Dog Days

When the sun has parched
the earth
till the grasses are crisp,
and the bees are too stupified
with heat
to buzz the blossoms,
the dog yard is tenanted
by blissful furry bodies
as the dog days of summer
slowly unfurl
the twisting spool
of lazy days
and blessed, cooling

[Note to dog lovers: dont forget to bring the critters inside during the hot summer afternoons.]

posted for Margaret's prompt at Real Toads : the dog days of summer


  1. Jasmine looks just like Lindy upside down. Aren't they lovely?
    Good idea to point out that they need to come in from the heat.
    If Dick doesn't get Lindy out for a walk in the early morning, he has to wait for late evening.

  2. When the bees aren't buzzing it is too hot!

  3. I look forward to the blessed cooling nights ~ Smiles from BC, Sherry ~ Those island tours will be for another time and year ~

  4. Pets should be protected from all extremes of temperature - that's good advice, Sherry. And how lovely to see them enjoying the fine weather.

  5. Never did understand why hot days are called dog days as dogs are surely not fans of the heat. Nice photo of resting dog.

  6. ah ---lazy days they have

  7. I enjoyed the poem and the photos Sherry. Dogs do seem to know where the cool spots are. You must be getting ready to move. Stay cool.

  8. The lazy dog days of it. I wish I looked as cute as that puppy all relaxed in the

  9. thank goodness for the cooling nights...i like the slow unfurl twisting spool...we are def in that this week...the last 3 weeks before school....

  10. Wish we too could just laze around during summer days

  11. The dog days are on the way! Lovely piece.

  12. I on't see my note...this is the first of this day's description that makes me think of heat as Harper Lee Describes it near the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird.

  13. Dog day afternoons are wonderful. I join my dogs with a little laziness most afternoons. Feel a little over-blessed that I can do that. They're never out too much. They think they're people.

  14. Oh yes...blessed cooling nights! Love the "twisting spool of lazy days"!

  15. This definitely touched me. And thank you for reminding people to care for critters in hot weather!

  16. It's nice, when nights - cool, we have them too in mn...nice poem

  17. wish i could hang out at ur dog yard...
    that's summer, what you said.

  18. ... making me miss my English Springer, Chloe a bunch today.


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