Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Three Snippets of Hope from Wild Woman

***   ***   ***

I told him
I used to walk the streets
looking in the lamp-lit windows
longing to be inside 
somewhere warm
with someone.

And now you're inside,
looking out,
he said. 
And it was true.

Turns out,
whether inside or out,
the door we choose
to lock tight
or keep open wide,
is within.

***   ***   ***

Lock away 
that box of dreams
in your heart.
Keep it safe 
for a better day.
Sometimes the sun 
goes down
on a cherished dream.
But the sun always rises
on a new tomorrow.

***   ***   ***

Your heart is locked tight
because you fear
more pain.
But instead of 
locking pain out,
you are locking it in.

Turn the key.
Tiptoe out
into the midday sun.
It is safe and warm.
Look around.
Discover a comfortable
place to be.
Let kind people
find you.

***   ***   ***

Kim's prompt at Verse First is : Lock. These three snippets came through the ether.


  1. the door is within, the lock is in our hands - I like your snippets, Sherry, & the hope they hold... love the photo too, such togetherness can't help but dream of a better world

  2. These 'snippets' are all very inspired, Sherry. So true about doors being 'within.' Also true that we should keep our dreams safely locked away for just the right time...tomorrow does come. many people DO lock their pain in. Best to get it exposed to the sun, and yes..find good people.

  3. Thank God, "But the sun always rises
    on a new tomorrow."

  4. Happy to let kind people find me, to open that door I have been leaning against.

  5. Words of wisdom, Sherry... enjoyed all three!

  6. If you impart any more snippets (love that word) of wisdom, I going to have to saint you, Wild Woman.

  7. I like this Sherry, wise words spoken.

  8. Fear does lock the heart - Really well done with a lot of wisdom

  9. throwing off the shackles of fear and hesitation so that you may be found. Good thoughts and a pleasant read!

  10. wow- love the correlation between the heart and the lock

    the photo is priceless / gotta love those retrievers

  11. it's indeed better to let go the pain, and invite friends, open the heart to heal and forgive...nice photo too :)

  12. Love the different perspective but I like that first one best ~ It all depends on our perspective, inside or outside, its all within us ~ Have a lovely day Sherry ~ Family is flying to Vancouver tomorrow ~

  13. Look around.
    Discover a comfortable
    place to be

    There's light at the end of the tunnel certainly. Brilliant snippets Sherry!


  14. Oh I like this. It's so true. Often what we want to lock out actually is locked inside our heart. Too bad fear makes us close up sometimes. What great words you pick out of the ethers.

  15. Let kind people
    find you.

    It's a blessing if kind and good people pursue us in life. Good tidings are the returns that come our way when we are good to other people. Nicely Sherry!


  16. Absolutely beautiful - pearls of wisdom in each line. But the ones that caught my eye the most were "Sometimes the sun goes down
    on a cherished dream. But the sun always rises on a new tomorrow." Thank you.
    Dropping by from Verse First

  17. Beautiful snippets from the heart


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