Thursday, August 1, 2013


The Narrows, Stamp Falls

Song of the river wild,
Song of the rapids leaping
Through the chiseled rock-walled chasm
Green with weeping,
A plunging torrent
To the ocean seeping

Song of the sea-green foam
Song of the white froth dancing
Sun-dappled baby wave-tops prancing
In the sunshine, all my dreams

Song of the green rock wall,
A vessel for the river's journey,
Guiding the flow along the channel churning
To the ocean and as it's

Song of the tall green trees
Rootbound and stoic in the deep crevasses,
Rooted in bedrock holding up the mountain,
Sentinels for every year
that passes

Song of the laughing brook
Below the rapids green, swirling and babbling
Huge salmon leap,
Fall back in shallows dabbling,
Plunge forth to lunge again,
Leaping and scrabbling

Song of the river wild,
You sing my tattered soul a new song,
Bless the silver beauty of this new day,
Make me know the path I'm on
Is not wrong.

Song of the seasoned soul
That knows the underlying message
Of the river:
Flow with me,
Not against me as we journey;
Travel lightly,
Not a taker,
But a giver.

Kids, I am posting something from the archives this morning. I am still here, but so over loaded I havent been able to be online at all for days. You wouldnt even believe what a zoo it is at Dogs R Us. Suffice it to say, I feel horrible for not getting around to visit all of you - and for missing all the great poetry - but today is my last Overloaded day (I think), and I promise to get around to everyone through the weekend. Then life will hopefully resume at a relatively more normal pace. We live in hope.


  1. What a beautiful and uplifting song, Sherry!! I love the photo too.

  2. It's okay Sherry. I sure can understand about overload. (DogsRUs - are you volunteering?) This poem is so beautiful, so you. I'm so lucky to read it.

  3. I love the the song of the river..I came here because I was thirsty and you gave me a beautiful..I can feel myself paddling down the river in my canoe..funny, I had a dream the other night about a river.

  4. we do indeed live in hope. you are a wonderful giver! sumptuous song.

  5. Nature is so soulful and this poem just depicts that lovely...

  6. it's so refreshing to read your poetry full of nature, it's like taking a walk. i also love the beginning picture.
    have a nice week!

  7. A cascade of tender, soft, musical words.

  8. A river song is magical. Beautiful, lyrical images in this flowing journey.

  9. and a lovely song it is! Thank you for sharing!

  10. flow with me not against me...the river is a great meditation...sitting on its shore we can learn much...flow over and around the rocks..sing all day...enjoy the your nature s

    1. I agree Brian. Having a fishing pole only adds to the serenity.

  11. Being that this is the first poetry I've read today~ what better way to start
    "Bless the silver beauty of this new day,"

  12. A beautiful refrain of the river, love it Sherry ~

  13. Beautiful refrain Sherry, love it ~ May its tides always guide us ~

  14. travel lightly and write, and write and sing. It's such a thing you give to the world.

  15. As usual love the connection between us and nature. Especially uplifted by the last verse.

  16. what a lovely poem about nature! and it's great to read it aloud. :)

  17. This is so beautiful and uplifting - it's like a lovely prayer. Gorgeous!

  18. "song of the seasoned soul..." Wow Sherry, this is a wonderful piece, filled with colorful images and soothing words.

  19. So beautiful, Sherry, and so much we can learn by observing the river and how well you captured that essence here. We live near two rivers and I spend a lot of time near them. Water always soothes me...

  20. Such a truly inspiring song. I wish I lived beside a swift-flowing river and could learn to let go.

  21. Lovely piece! Love the ending.

  22. and such a giver are you as well, poem after poem, kindness after kindness... beautiful Sherry!

  23. This is music I can listen to again and again! Beautifully written!

  24. Dearest Sherry, this is so beautiful, I am so glad you posted this again. I just left Gavin's river in Scotland to be greeted by your river in Canada. There is a river that marks the border of Ontario Quebec that calls to me - The Gatineau.

  25. This may be from your archives but it is spectacular - and I am glad to have read it. Thank you.

  26. A grand vision of nature and its beauty! I don't normally care for a lot of 'ing'ing in poetry, but you pulled it off with style here and I must applaud the effort!

  27. Sherry Blue Sky!!!! Say "no" a little so you feel free to sing with us your delightful songs.

  28. Like the message, Sherry:flow with me, nice song...thanks for visiting my blog :)


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