Tuesday, July 2, 2013

West Coast Morning

view out my front door 

Kids, look up!
look up and see,
above the traffic,
and the noise,
there's a Sky-show 
going on, above:
puffy clouds all
floating by with
exemplary poise,
a feast of beauty
all the colors of love

strewn like blooms
across the sky,
I watch them sail
serenely by
I tip my head
and feel this old earth  
peace above
while down below,
the burning,
look up again,
and everything 
has changed,
the Sky has been
so deftly 

Take a moment
from your hurry
in the midst of
all the flurry,
just to breathe 
Sky's beauty in:
up above
just peace,
and blessing,
even Love
is what
I'm guessing,
as this perfect
West Coast
 summer day


  1. We have similar views from our doors, don't we. Though ... today we are going to have to endure the oppressive heat. Only salvation is relatively low humidity on the high desert. Enjoy your day, Sherry.

  2. Lovely to look up again and again into the changing sky. Probably it is the earth's turning that makes me feel dizzy when I do this standing. Even love can give that sensation of movement!

  3. I love looking at the sky. Each time, it's like a little meditation - involuntary. Just a glimpse of something constant, mysterious, beautiful, sometimes menacing and powerful. Today I'll look up and think of your beautiful poem.

  4. Looking UP always provides a wonderful view, doesn't it? I enjoyed this, Sherry.

  5. I have to look up and then out. It is 34C outside here today. I've got a hose running to take care of our three biggest trees, but I'll have to go out this evening to water the smaller trees, the fruit bushes, and the lawn.
    Leaving for the coast tomorrow. Must get Dick to check the radiator of his car.
    I hear there's a heatwave at the coast, too. Last time we were in Seattle for baseball, it was 94F. I wouldn't go to the afternoon game.
    Take care.
    Luv, K

  6. Beautiful! I'm looking up and rain got in my eyes..but I have seen your poetic view-so lovely~ :D

  7. Oh how I wish I were where you are! I look up and either get rain or gnats in my eyes!


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