Sunday, July 21, 2013

Growing Up Sweet

Riding along after our trip to the farmer's market, four year old Sebastian and I are talking about what a great haul of fruits and veggies we had. I told him when we got home I was going to make some juice out of carrots, celery and swiss chard, and it would be very healthy.

He chipped in, "The veggies will help me grow!"

Ah! a teachable moment! "Yes," I replied eagerly. "Because when you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, you grow up healthy!"

"And when you eat all the stuff with sugar in it......" Sebastian struggled with imparting any information which might preclude his having dessert later......."you grow up SWEET!" he concluded, and we both cracked up.


  1. Very cute. I love the wisdom of a child.

  2. What a very cute boy he is!

  3. Perfect! I think the teachable moment went the other way. I love this. I hope he does grow up as sweet as he is now.

  4. I love hearing about him and his thoughts on life! What an adorable boy ;D
    He is sweet!

  5. I must agree with Sebastian. He is wise beyong his years. And oh so, so cute.

  6. Love it...he is learning early. :)

  7. He's special. Listening to these little ones can be an education in itself. Thanks for sharing, my friend,



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