Monday, July 22, 2013

Seeing the Magic

Dear World,
When I open my eyes 
this morning,
feeling a little sad,
please remind me to see
the beauty
in what I already have.

Let me regain
the enchantment -
July skies, cottony clouds,
the willow by the pond
with its branches all bowed,
the horse in the meadow,
the doves
in the trees,
 the gift of a day
to spend just as I please.

Remind me, always, 
to Keep Looking Up,
beyond all the what-if's
that clutter my cup.
In place of yearning for beauty
that's farther away,
may I  reclaim the magic
of this summer day.


  1. Oh, I love to see the dogs in the water! Beautiful photo, and your poem is just as it should be.
    Luv, K

  2. "may I reclaim the magic of this summer day." Beautiful close to a lovely poem of gratitude.

  3. Yes there is always beauty close at hand. It may not be the beauty we he for bit it is beauty nonetheless.

  4. the gift of a day
    to spend just as I please.
    Remind me, always

    Wise words Sherry! One tends to forget of the goodness already within but still wanting more. If only one opens up. Many are just not able to. Nicely!


  5. yes, yes, yes, YES. remind me please! yes.

  6. Thank you Sherry, such wisdom you impart, poetically. May I print this to read each day?

  7. You have spoken for each of us who comes by. Hugs!


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