Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birthday Song from Jeff

Birthday Song
Happy day! For a birthday song;
My kindly mother-friend lifelong.
We celebrate another year;
A celebration of good-cheer!

I’d give you trees of sapphire fruit;
I’d play for you a magic flute;
I’d pluck from heaven all her stars,
‘Til in our joined hands they’re ours.

My only gift in poverty -
A song to sing your charity
That loads with gifts my sunlit way
To celebrate this summer day!

Happy day! For a birthday song;
Through the beautiful days and long,
The seasons brought another year,
But still the happy summer’s here!

I love you!

written by my son, Jeffrey Siddhartha Crazy Horse........
for my birthday :) How lucky am I?


  1. Very lucky. 'Course, he's lucky too.

  2. Incredibly lucky, Sherry. Blessed.

  3. What a priceless gift he gave you, Sherry! Can't beat that.

  4. The third stanza displeased me, so I rewrote it:

    My only gift in poverty -
    A song to sing your charity
    That fills with gifts my empty hands,
    And plants a rose where summer stands.

    Now, it's perfect!

  5. Yes you are so blessed...such a beautiful birthday gift!


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