Saturday, January 5, 2013

This Hobbled Existence

Damian and Lukey

Every now and then
I look up and out
from this hobbled existence
through a window of miracles
and glimpse
a heron gliding by
like a grim and skinny matron
clutching her pocketbook
under a stiff wing,
or a shimmery rainbow,
gossamer valentine from the deity,
or the silent promise of daybreak
every day brand new upon the planet
or a patch of blue amidst gray storm clouds
or the stalwart enduring heartbeat
of a thousand year old cedar,
eagle peering down
from its topmost scrag

Every now and then a brand new miracle occurs:
a baby catching its first breath
utters its protesting cry
at leaving its gloried heaven
to endure this planet's pain
Each time we celebrate with joy
a new soul's journey
is beginning
once again

Every now and then I look up
beyond the burden and the blessings
at the vast and constant sky
and remember
what I'm doing here
and why

one from the archives, kids. Still Hobbling, after all these years :-)


  1. This is truly beautiful, Sherry. Yes, it is indeed those small wonderful moments, miracles that make it all worth while. Love this poem's message and the photo accompanying.

  2. I love this poem, especially (at least now) "a heron gliding by like a grim and skinny matron clutching her pocketbook under a stiff wing" - probably because I had two of those matrons fly over me a couple days ago and these words are perfect for that memory.

  3. I truly enjoyed this poem with its amazing images and the freedom of sight. My favorites wee the heron and the cedar. Keep on hobbling in such a giving way

  4. Oh, I want to hug Lukey, too. And I want to bring Lindy to the Island to meet Jas and Lukey.
    Love this poem, Sherry. The heron as an old lady is just perfect.
    Luv, K

  5. I got the 'good chills' reading this. Wow. Beautiful, wonderful. The photo is perfect--adorable. And I am in love with that dog too.

  6. This is beautiful Sherry ~ I like the scenes of nature, celebrating the soul's new journey, always fresh and full of miracles ~ And that picture is adorable ~

    Happy weekend ~

  7. You always inspire me Sherry! This is beautiful through and through!

  8. Sherry, you hobble with such grace. This is beautiful. Nice to remember why you're here.

  9. So beautiful..what an amazing view you have.


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