Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Deep in the mountains
there is an unmarked unpaved path,
veering off the interstate,
where The Others,
I am told,
sometimes can be found.

When I went looking, 
there was an old farmhouse, 
and a man
who came out to see
what I was doing there.
He seemed to know me,
through some exchange
in our glance,
and he gave me directions
to a hillside
where I could meet
these Others,
and hear their prophecies.

On the side of the mountain
he told me,
there is a secret place
that only those who Know
can find,
which opens up a panel
of the hillside,
revealing a corridor to
an entire community.
They are peacekeepers,
he said,
people gathered
in that spot,
(as in other places
across the planet),
whose sole charge is to
meditate on peace 
strongly enough
to hold our planet together
in the face of so much chaos.

After a time, he said,
they are called to another
hotbed of discord,
their strong thoughts 
like laser-beams of peace.
He told me
unexpected peace treaties
have occurred
against all odds
in some of these places.

I didnt find the hillside that day,
always wondering, and knowing,
I must return.

But when I went back,
all was gone. 
There was a path
but no farmhouse. 
In growing desperation,
I questioned
a storekeeper nearby.

He said
there had never been 
a dwelling there.
Yet I had seen it,
had spoken with the farmer.
I pulled the photograph out
to show him,
and a chill ran through me,
when I saw its blank white square.

I will never know
if the hillside still exists,
if deep within its slopes
peacekeepers focus, still, 
their minds  on peace.

I wonder if perhaps
our survival on this earth
depends upon
the intensity 
of their concentration,
if they are all that
keeps this old earth
balanced on its axis,
so perilously close it seems
to tipping.

Kerry has set us a toadally cool challenge at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads: Worldbuilding, to open the window to an imaginary world. Be sure to check out the links over at Toads, as there is some fine writing to this prompt. Kerry's poem blew me away.


  1. Could it be that these mystical creatures are the saviors of our world? Why, yes, I think it could. You've offered much to ponder, Sherry, and done so with vividness of imagery and imagination.

  2. Maybe only few people that hold true peace in their hearts get the privilege to see this place and the others so they can spread the thought and hope for peace. Sounds like you got your introduction. Good piece Sherry.

  3. This is a new one for the "road not taken" series. What if the narrator was the key to all? Truly, this gets me thinking! Let us follow as many of our leadings as necessary.

  4. GREAT poem ... chills ran through me too.

  5. Fun to read and wonder...the gateway to heaven, perhaps?! I agree only the true peacekeepers can see that it exists-yes, YOU! <3 it!

  6. Very convincing picture you draw, Sherry, of the other side of our own world, and what powers might be there.

  7. You have made this so real, is hard to believe it is 'imaginary.'

  8. Wow Sherry. I am impressed how you can tell a complete story in so few words. Excellent worldbuilding.

  9. I love the idea of peace keepers in another part of the secret world ~ Nice story here Sherry, I believe it ~

  10. I believed you, too, Sherry. I love the idea of people thinking of peace, long and hard, so that peace treaties are drawn up unexpectedly.
    If we all try, if we all think hard enough, maybe...

  11. Each hillside passed will now draw my gaze.

  12. ...a door in the hillside, a photograph now blank... KEEP SEARCHING :)

  13. Actually, this isnt totally imaginary - I have read and heard about peacekeepers, in hot spots all over the globe, who focus all of their energies on peace. It is true that some unexpected peace treaties have been signed in places where they were.

    And the elderly lady I work for told me the story about the man, the farmhouse, the people living inside a mountain with a secret doorway - and when she went back, the farmhouse had apparently "never" been there. I sort of put it all together.

  14. I do hope those peacekeepers continue their work. I think of all the times I have failed to be a peacekeeper in my own life. I must try harder.

  15. Those that have seen the scourge of war are keen to peace. Those that have held an instrument of war wish never to hold it again for they know it's destructive nature. They now walk alone but in peace appreciating life for what it is. They are all around for they have come home knowing of the choice and choosing to envision 'peace'.

    Sorry, Sherry but your wonderful creation here inspired an introspective reality of the 'peace' I see.

    Gracias mi amiga.

  16. Wow! You took the imaginary world out of a real incident you heard of! Fascinating! I must say, the goosebumps just subsided. It's spooky yet good to know that we have some secret peacekeepers, if there really are any. Um, I don't really know what to make of this challenge. I might take days to really make one. Sadly, by that time the linky would expire. :(

  17. I didnt find the hillside that day,
    always wondering, and knowing,
    I must return...

    I love the turn your poem took here: this quest must continue through many lifetimes, so long as the destination remains peace.

  18. I love this story. Hope it's true, that there are beings that try to keep us balanced. This made me realize that since I can't be sure of that, I'd better do what I can to be a peacekeeper myself. Lovely writing Sherry.

  19. are the peacekeepers like supertasters? because i thought maybe they were imaginary, but then again, maybe they are not.

  20. Sherry,
    This was mesmerizing. I think that you must be one of those mystical creatures!


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