Friday, January 4, 2013

Penny Joy

Penny Joy is spending a few days at Grandma's
while her mom is in the city.

She  has scoped out the comfiest spots,
and especially loves snuggling under the wolf fur throw.

This sweater is too tight, Grandma. 
I think I need a new jacket!
It's cold out there!


  1. What a cute dog!! And so lucky to be able to come for a visit.

  2. Awe. So very cute, my daughter just adopted a little one. Looks a lot like penny joy.

  3. My two mini-poodles have a few of the sweaters and jackets.

    Sort of good news today. Took my male, Jules, to the eye specialist today because I was concerned of his vision, thinking it was either cateracks or glaucoma. Doc said he had neither but the regular eye deterioration from being 12yrs old. He does have a dense film in his eyes which is causing some vision problems though. Love my kids. You know what I mean, mi amiga.

  4. That's 'cataracts'. Just testing you LOL


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