Thursday, January 17, 2013

Loving the World

[Interesting. Looking for an image on Google, I came across this one at, where Mr Roland discusses his unified field theory. He says the basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of universal love, and that what lies deepest within us is a state of love and soul consciousness wishing to unite.]

My friend Raven inspired me this morning, by stating she has been given a mandate in 2013 to love the world. This resonates with me. In the midst of all of the conflict and turmoil, the bad news, the Talking Heads belaboring the Whys that have no reason - or too many reasons, each overwhelming - the global consciousness badly needs as many beings as possible who are able to hold some light in the face of so much darkness. Raven's post reminded me of an eco-warrior friend of mine saying, years ago: "Mother Earth feels your pain. Let her feel your joy too." That stayed with me.

If all is energy, the full effect of our collective consciousness these days must be filled with trauma and suffering. With Raven, I will sit, in peacefulness, beaming my love for this great big suffering world. Maybe a little beam or two will ease a darkened corner somewhere.

Deep into my heart,
no thoughts,
just being -
with the gray-sky morning,
with the tall black pines,
with the top of the hills,
with the sea beyond,
her everlasting waves 
ebbing and flowing
on an eternal shore.

Deep into my heart,
there is a kindling
of a tiny flame.
I blow on it,
lightly, just so,
till it catches fire
and lights my way

up from my full heart
and spilling over
onto the winter-brittle ground,
across the white and icy plains,
atop a vast and distant sea,

above the heavens
prayed to in 
a thousand tongues
with the same 
underlying message:
a longing for love,
a need for peace.

Love, spilling over 
the barricades,
the borders, the sand bags,
love, silencing the mortar fire, 
the bombs,
even just for a moment, 
may there be peace
somewhere in this world,
even as the bomb is ticking,
even in your despair,
your hunger,
your desolation,
your homelessness,
your deprivation,
may a small crumb of love
fall off the banquet table
that is this life
so that, even if only 
for this one moment,
at long last,
you know what it is
to be filled.


  1. I love this entire post. I am with you: "Let us see what Love can Do" is key to my faith. I would like to add your prayer occasionally to my daily worship which I mostly do in silence. OK?

  2. too few take on this attitude, but that could change eh?

  3. Thank you dear one for your wonderful take on loving the universe. What some who may be conflicted about doing this ... because like myself they are not all mushy, one does not have to conjure up sort of fake feelings of love. One can simply channel positive energy from Source into the world. Wonderful Sherry.

  4. Enjoyed your words, Sherry. Hopefully humanity will sometime somehow get it right. It is always good to call on positive energy as you have!

  5. I received this same message in my yoga class today. Your poem is like an explanation point!
    Thank you, Sherry!

  6. To love the world - what greater goal can there be? I'll join you Sherry.

  7. Sherry, your emphasis on love, your friend's "mandate" to love in 2013... it's so important. Yet the screams of the talking heads, the Rushes of the world... it seems impossible to NOT walk around with a knot in your gut. I have dedicated myself to taking a "mindful minute" several times a day, not a prayer, but a meditation on peace and love. I do believe the universe has a vibe of love that will someday transcend the hatred and fear! Peace, Amy

  8. Very nice - a kind of metta meditation. Good luck! k.

  9. I am so happy I found this! I am late, but wow...
    It is gorgeous...and should be a song!
    Marveling in this view!!!


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