Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly"

Kids, my sister's friend does a lot of paragliding. In this clip, another member of the paragliding club first releases a rehabbed hawk back into the wild (accompanied by one of my fave songs, Blackbird), and then flies with a one-winged owl.

Because she lost one wing, she cant be released. She is now a pet, and does her flying perched on her buddy's shoulder.

She  was apparently afraid and skittish at first, but then bonded strongly with the person who healed her, and learned to love flying in a new way. This clip is uplifting (literally:)), and very touching.

Marc Chirico is the pilot in the back, the owner of Seattle Paragliding.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Sherry. Made tears come when the owl seemed to hug the man in gratitude. My daughter says to thank you for making her cry, lol. You are a treasure, my friend,


  2. I have run this clip through twice! So utterly beautiful! Love how the owl seems to nuzzle into the man's neck and seems to exchange knowing looks with him!

  3. Precious! Freedom and love, o my, and that owl kisses him like my cat kisses me. Thank you, Sherry!

  4. Thanks so much for showing us this - my son used to want to be a falconer. He has changed his mind (temporarily?) saying, "I know people who shoot birds - I wouldn't want to be a falconer here."

  5. Sherry, what a beautiful video. I loved it and i love people who love animals like this. Blessings to all.

  6. You have provided a wealth of beauty and inspiration that humans can be empathetic to other living species. Gracias mi amiga for sharing.

  7. Sherry, loved all of this. That arrangement of "Blackbird" is unique and so personal. Even with three voices, it still retains that naturalness of McCartney's original.

    The paragliders releasing hawks, so impressive! And that little owl captured my heart. Reminded me of Harry Potter's owl...

    Uplifting for sure! Peace, Amy


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