Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Volcanoes of Haleakala

Up above the clouds, and looking down,
the Volcanoes of Haleakala,
round and brown,
 look like a landscape from
before all time began,
an ancient mystery
as yet unknown   
to man.

The indentations atop volcanos,
each to each,
primordial footsteps
just within 
a giant's reach,

or, perhaps,
a cosmic being
reaching down
a wondering hand,
concentric circles
in the sand.

I have never
stood so high above
the clouds,
the mountaintops
still hidden
that they enshroud.

The morning sunrise
celestial glow
on a world
more beautiful
than ever did I know.

oh, never did I dream
such mystery,
so mystical
you seem.

I will climb the path
and feast my eyes one day
on that timeless land
where giants
used to play, 

stride all the slopes
and circles,
dwell upon

the dark, when fire comes,
then I'll be gone -

but I'll tiptoe back
to see you
in the dawn

The first six photos were taken by my cousin Lindsay Knitter and her fiance Richard ~
those following were found on google, from random sources

The final shot was taken at dawn,10,000 feet above Maui, with Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea in the distance

This is for Ella's final prompt at Poets United's Wonder Wednesday: we are to find the 8th wonder of the world and write about it. This is my pick. Though truly, this earth is so shatteringly lovely, almost anywhere on the planet could qualify.

Ellie, thank you A TON for your hard work and all of the wonderful prompts you have provided for our enjoyment at Poets United. I look forward to reading many more of your poems, and to seeing the wonderful art you will create in the months ahead :)


  1. Beautiful photos and poem, Sherry! Hawaii does indeed have some beautiful volcanic sites, and they DO inspire awe in me as well.

  2. This is glorious to read and envision! I love what you have done...gorgeous! The words with the photos take me there :D I didn't get to see this site, when I briefly lived in Hawaii. The people in Hawaii, are some of the most gracious n' kind I have met~ The spirit of aloha is magical! YOU captured wonder-thank you! ;D I have enJOYed the journey-thank you!

  3. Tell your cousin n' fiance they are so talented...and keep taking photos! Stunning!

  4. I've never been to Hawaii... a travesty, I know since I live in the Western U.S. Your choice photos and the accompanying verses make me want to see these wonders for myself.

  5. Wonderfilled photos and words Sherry. My mother visited Hawaii with her sister. I doubt I ever will, but I can come here and commit gluttony of the eye. Thank you,


  6. Sherry, love these photos. I have some similar. I think you wrote the poem I was supposed to write when I went there. Ha. Enjoyed this Sherry. And you're right, anywhere on earth qualifies for your words.

  7. Those pictures are breathtaking, and your poem complements them! My husband and I visited Haleakala years ago. It was amazing and otherworldly. I'd love to go back!

  8. That's great, really felt the awe that overcomes one in such a place, absolutely loved the cosmic being making circles in the sand.

  9. The cosmic being doodling made my day today.

  10. The images are breathtaking and the addition of your wonderful words add added glory to them...the world is full of so many wonders...glad you found one of them.

  11. I am one of the lucky ones who have visited Hawaii.

    It was a cleansing experience and one that transitioned me into my next journey in life.

    Your words ornament these pictures, mi amiga.

    I always like hearing you sing. :D

  12. Beautiful. Now I want to go there...

  13. Stunning pictures ~ I too would love to see the beautiful scenes of nature ~

  14. OK, so I am going to have to go there, too, but for now I love the "primordial footsteps
    just within
    a giant's reach . . . "
    How big they are! How big the giants must be! and I can just imagine the mighty Atlas leaning over to doodle, vast windy air whooshing past him . . .

  15. Wow! Such beauty. I think these kinds of scenes and rememberances are a kind of mythic beauty-- Hard to describe but you did it so well.

  16. Sherry, there is so much beauty in the photos, but even more in your "wonder" about the giants, the incredible forces which created this spectacle. Altogether a lovely yet forceful poem, mingled with amazing images... BRAVA! Amy
    Mine was a Wonder poem but also employed Jasmine Calyx's list of words... and it includes Riley!

  17. I was so transfixed by the incredible photos, that I had to go back and reread the stunning poetry that went with them.


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