Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In the Candle's Flame

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When I read Candles by Mary Kling, over at In the Corner of My Eye, a glimmering of a poem rose up in response. I offer it here.

my hope is
that the beauty
of the candles
will warm

and the lighting
of the candles
will rekindle

I light this candle
with love.
In its glow, 
may you find
some comfort 

***   ***   ***   ***

The prompt at Poetry Jam is Candles. I love candles and always have a lot of them around. I love their flickering light in the evening, their scent, love burning them for peace, or in memory of my beloved Pup.

In childhood, the mystique  of incense and candles, flickering in red votive glass, as the Latin words echoed in the nearly empty church, in the darkness of an early winter morning, steeped my world in divine mystery.

As a young woman, a candle lit beside the bed invited loving passion and tipped me over the threshold from innocence to the sweetest knowing.

At the beach, fat white candles sat ready, for the many times the power went out, spilling their light onto the page as I read, while the west wind howled

After my wolf-Pup died, a lit candle was for remembering, and sputtered
with my tears.

Candles are for Peace, for honoring the dead, for Remembering, for Beauty, and for Truth. 

In the heart of the candle's flame, look to find your fondest dreams of Tomorrow.


  1. Thanks - a beautiful poem to start my day.

  2. Nice response, Sherry. I think one can oftentimes find hope and presence by gazing into a candle!

  3. smiles....as with peggy's i like the heart behind this...the lighting of it for someone and the warm wishes...

  4. This is lovely and peaceful Sherry. I hope you have a a wonderful, magical 2013.

  5. This is quite simply very beautiful both the poem and your story of candles within your own life. I have had to nix candles in my own life as I simply leave them burning, forgetting all about them. Also, I can not smell them.

  6. Both the poem and the poetic prose that follows are lovely thoughts. I too find comfort in candles.

  7. Loved the heartfelt response. A bright light for all to see...

  8. Beautiful. Love your poem and your poetic prose as well.

  9. I love the sentiments in this poem. I light candles for people. I think it's a beautiful way to honor anyone even if they don't know. :)

  10. What a beautiful response to Mary's poem.


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