Sunday, January 6, 2013


Other than by the original artists, this may be the best rendition of this classic ever - so good it made Robert Plant cry. Take a peek - it builds and builds - then totally  delivers. Wowzers!


  1. Takes me back to my days of idolatry and midnight viewings of The Song Remains the Same.

  2. Heart could always totally rock. How cool to see the President and First lady in attendance!

    I think that one reason "Stairway" was such a huge hit--besides being musically interesting--is that the lyrics are suggestive of a lot of things without really concretely saying anything. So, a listener could read almost anything at all into the song and invent it for themselves.

    The huge back-up makes me think of what Melanie Safka said when she sang "Candles In The Rain" with the Edwin Hawkins singers; that she had always sung alone, but now she got to sing with the whole world. This is like that, isn't it?

  3. My nephew sent me two other versions when he saw my post on FB. Go see, but here is one of them:

  4. Took me back. Loved it Sherry and thank you,


  5. A powerful ride through the emotions from nostalgia to some here and nows! This is a stunning version!

  6. Wow, wild woman, its good to find The Stairway fans from far n wide! Should mention that sometime in the late seventies, the band played in of the Calcutta restaurants incognito :)

    A few years back, heard one of the local bands doing a passably good rendition at a college fest ...

    Hope you keeping well, Sherry


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