Monday, January 7, 2013

MY Dogbed!

Blakey - Busted

Here's how dog-oriented we are at our house. Lori's side is strewn with dog beds, in kitchen and living room, to accommodate her three large dogs.

But Blakey, who is too smart for OUR own good, loves to sneak up on the couch when Lori's at work.

This morning, as she was getting ready to leave, Lori caught herself saying, "I'm going to block this off, so no one can get on MY Dogbed!!!" 

Yup. We have totally Gone to the Dogs!!


  1. hah - I live this with my sneaky temple dog. Maybe my next poem...yes.

  2. That is hilarious, Sherry!! After a while, all spaces become dog spaces. LOL.

  3. I love it, Sheri. Let me know when Lori starts saying "my dog dish" or "my dog food"! Wonderful!

  4. Now I'm missing my elkhound and most of all my tri-colored collie. Been way toooooooo long,



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