Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On Reflection

the reflection
in the mirror
very clear
is not
the reflection
a wild woman
holds most dear.

she may be aging,
slowing, sagging,
wilting, flagging.

she is a 
Sky Traveler,
as high
as high
can be.
she is a beach walker
striding joyously
to the rhythm 
of the sea,
if only
in her heart
and memory.

her aging 
outer status
may chafe,
she attunes
to the Wisdom Keepers,
who hold all insight

it is the clinging
to her essence
that relieves,
the inner image,
not outer reflection,
that she believes.

Kim's prompt at Poets United's Wonder Wednesday is: Reflection
Wild Woman has to keep it in perspective, when she looks in the mirror :-)


  1. Lovely as usual :) I feel like I have written these poems in my mind..but you have given them words and paper (/blog).

  2. Sherry your last stanza could be a stand alone poem. Each line is wise.

    Always glad to visit you, here.

  3. The face you believe in, that's the one that shines through and we stomp through the woods with here in blogland. The face in the mirror, just another face of the goddess - the older I get, the more I believe in her.

  4. WOW, sky traveler, beach walker, I am so happy that you believe the inner image and not the outer. Beautifully expressed.

  5. Beautiful! This poem reminded me of my grandmother. She always saw herself as an adventurer despite her age.

  6. I smiled when I read this! So much like cameos of who I am! Beautifully written!

  7. Sherry,

    The words are really you!!! So happy inside and in your inner spirit. That is always obvious. Yet, as I am discovering, the outer casing might become just a little frayed:)

    Thank you for your words at my Blog Sherry:)

    Best Wishes,

  8. Definitely keep all in perspective as you look in the mirror. We ARE who we feel we are, after all. Nice poem, Sherry.

  9. Well, of course!
    There is still sky-diving to do, and bungy jumping, white water rafting, to name but a few.

  10. I maintained a 'knowing' smile on my face as I read your poem ... taking peeks at the aging skin on my arms, my hands.

    I read an interesting article in the New York Times last week .. 'we know how much our personalities and tastes have changed over the years, but when we look ahead, we somehow expect ourselves to stay the same' ~~ which we can't. (WOW??)

  11. Your piece makes me cry with hope--what can I say?

  12. Wow ;D I love knocked it out of orbit! Gorgeous, remarkable and so awe inspiring! This is how we all should view the world! Bravo Wild Woman...I nominate you for poem of the week! ;D

  13. I came looking for the video and found this. So glad those hawks and owls call to me. I've added my present poem to the same prompt as it seems to fit more than well. That inner image is always the truer one,


  14. This is beautiful as are you. Keep that positive reflection of yourself alive. Believe me it is exposed.

  15. as long as i don't look in a mirror, i'm 38 and skinny. {smile}

  16. Each line resonates with me,Sherry!Inside should be more beautiful...and that's such a wonderful reflection of your heart. Lovely!!

  17. Amen, Sherry. It's not the wrinkles on our faces... it's the wrinkles in the folds of our brains! Our experience and our oh, so young hearts. Thanks so much for this, honey. Love, Amy


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