Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Language of Love

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When they used to speak to me 
in words of love,
I responded in the language of fear:
not good enough-ness,
fear of abandonment,
drowned the love
in doubt,
until the outcome I most feared
and anticipated
proved the hamster wheel of
was still turning.

I am the one
who speaks of love.
I am in love
with all of life --
with Everything --
and this kind of love
does not know fear,
does not need to be spoken.
It just Is.

inspired by the dVerse challenge to write a poem about love in other languages.


  1. I didn't see this link in D'verse Sherry ~ Anyway, I wanted to say I like the twist in the end, to speak of love now with everything, and not in fear ~

  2. Yes, it just is. In all languages. Nice.

  3. i am glad of your is hard...esp if trust has been broken...and the outcomes we expect then do come to fruition only supporting our false assumptions...again, i am glad of your learning...

  4. Interesting use of languages which transcend words. important lesson.

  5. Nice to be in love with life, the earth, all. Good writing Sherry.

  6. and this kind of love
    does not know fear,
    does not need to be spoken.
    It just Is.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Like God is.

    Thank you for putting it in words.

  7. Yes, this kind of love just IS; and it is the best kind of love and one that always WILL be.


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