Saturday, January 26, 2013

Possible Universe, Take 2

going rogue

In this infinitely possible universe,
small cells grow into
mysterious and wondrous beings,
often unseen by human eye.
There is an intricate pattern, 
an intelligent order,
cycles of birth and death,
decomposition and renewal.

On this planet,
something is always dying,
something always being born.
Seen and unseen,
cycles and organisms
live out their allotted spans.

Even when an upstart cell 
goes rogue,
and throws into havoc
the life of its human host,
there is an order and design
to its relentless advance,
and to the impossible universe
it creates within.

On this planet,
truly anything
is possible.

Susan set us a wonderful challenge over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. In her Monthly feature First and Last Lines, she suggests we choose the last line of one of our recent poems and use it as the first line of a new poem. I chose yesterday's In the Infinitely Possible Universe, in which the last line is "in this infinitely possible universe".


  1. Great again! The Universe, in your hands is an Engaged and Purposeful Place. I am not happy about the rogue cells however, though you call them true. I pray we find an equally ordered line of defense or a way to capture and train them for good!

  2. Okay, please tell me that's not a smiley face on the blue cell...

  3. aahhhh the many circles of life....Hope you have a wonderful weekend Sherry! :-)

  4. Good message in this, Sherry. Yes, the universe has its patterns / its orders / and its rogues. Circles and circles within circles. A wonderful design, for the most part. Well penned.

  5. Yes, so true Sherry. All is possible, even the unthinkable.

  6. It is! This representation of all that goes on in this world confirms in me that we have a choice regarding how we perceive and react. Cannot tell you exactly how your words took me there, but they did and I like it!

  7. Thanks, kids. Shay, if they were MY cells, for SURE they'd have happy faces. Hee hee.

  8. What an amazing view of the world, Sherry. I don't know that I would ever have thought of things that way. Fascinating.

  9. I too enjoyed the view of your poem and the reminder of choice. The choice on how we view the order or lack their of ;D Well done!!!

  10. How interesting that your last line took you inward to the cellular level. You offer a thought-provoking viewpoint.

  11. Wonderful! Love this poem, so hopeful and uplifting! :)

  12. this has struck me as really sad today; I guess it's the subject of my writing and how sometimes nothing lasts as long as we might wish. But of course that means it's a brilliant poem because it took me into my emotions completely, well done

  13. I like the optimism in the cycle of birth and death ~ I too believe that anything is possible ~

  14. This made me take a big sigh. Though there is purpose to the universe, life and death; I am too far on the side of death (friends and family, etc, too) to be too happy about it. I like the birth part much better. I believe though. I believe in the purpose.

  15. Perfect subject matter for a poem that uses beginnings and endings for inspiration! Great job!

  16. You have a wonderful outlook here. I think anything is possible - not so sure that it will include mankind though! k.

  17. Aah...circles are eternal.So is life and cells....wonderfully crafted :)
    Amazing composition, Sherry!

  18. so thoughtful, Sherry. but i did have to chuckle when i noticed that the rogue cell has a smiley face :)

  19. Such hope and faith reign through your words, Sherry!! A joy to read, I love that you went all micro on us...really wonderful!!

  20. i love the positive view of the world's possibilities in this, Sherry! so often now i cannot see the good. thank you!


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