Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Small Miracles

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half of a baby-blue robin's egg
lying on my deck:
small miracle

baby green leaves and blossoms 
of yellow, pink and white,
everywhere sprouting:
Spring, dressed like a
pretty lady

Last night I stood on my deck, hoping to see a beloved wolf-face in a cloud passing in front of the moon. He didn't appear. But this morning, stepping out onto the same deck, I found half of a baby-blue robin's egg at my feet. I began to wonder: message from Pup? New life.

Those scrawny little baby birds have to peck their own way out of their shell. I reflected: that is sort of what we humans have to do through the course of our journey. We are born without shells, whole and perfect, acquire our shells and defenses over the course of being hurt by life's experience, then have to become brave enough to peck our way out of them and live as wholly as we started out. As in-the-moment and fully alive as those little baby birds, we finally learn to fly.


  1. So true, Sherry. We do acquire shells, but we hope they don't disconnect us from one another.

  2. Yes, new life. Maybe it was a sign from the universe, just for YOU :)

  3. What a positive spin on that little blue egg ~ many could have gone in the opposite direction, thinking the baby had been destroyed. Your reflection on life is strong and true.

  4. Totally agree Sherry. Here's to continued pecking on our way to flight.


  5. That you looked, that you noticed, that you reflected, and that you arrived at your conclusion... I'd say that there's no question that your little robin's egg shell was meant for you, and that you got the message. No question.

  6. Your words of support and encouragement to all you touch remind me of a mother robin perched nest-side feeding her babies with strength and nudging them to take that first step to personal expression and the flight to freedom. May your deck be lined with blue and song!

  7. Beautifully rendered. My little moment of Zen for today.

  8. The words somehow make me think of a child's nursery and new life.

  9. The robin's egg metaphor is right on the mark, Sherry. I once had an instructor who, on the very first day of class, strode to the blackboard and scrawled, in huge letters, the word RISK. He then explained that nothing is ever accomplished without risk. So those who stay inside their shells may feel safe, but in the end, what do they have to show?

    I have tried to live by that instructor's wisdom, though risk must always be tempered with timing--knowing when to make that leap, or when to say discretion is the better part of valor. It is painful to make a leap and land square on your head, which I've done plenty of times, but I like to think I've at least learned from it. Except in the romance department, where I've never learned a damn thing (as evidenced by repeating the same mistakes) and probably never will!

  10. acquiring the shell is an imaginative take on overcoming defenses. i agree with you. we are born pure. the culture of man (yes, i believe this culture is man-based, and that's why it's so violent and diseased) heaps insecurities onto us. it's like we have to unlearn what we have been taught and reveal ourselves through breaking free. you are a gift.

  11. Message from Pup? Could be. Take them as they come and appreciate them....and enjoy them.

  12. Nice insight to the journey... I am not always aware of my blue shell, and if I am in or out... perhaps when I am lonely, I am in...?

  13. I have a robin's nest outside and took a photo of mom in the nest. I can hear the babies now, but the nest is too high up for me to see the babies.


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