Saturday, May 12, 2012

Antiques of All Sorts

Kids, it was the Antique Road Show here in the valley this morning. First, I checked out the prompt at Real Toads: turgid. No poem issued forth, even though my Head feels VERY turgid this morning, and not in a good way. :)

It is sunny, open-door weather, which we are so enjoying, having waited for it extra-long this year. I took the back road to town and passed, just like a Time Machine, about a hundred antique cars from Back in the Day, all polished up within an inch of their lives, their  silver-haired owners behind the wheels, and proudly on parade. A beard and silver pony tail can still turn this girl's head. 

The car pictured above, from google, is the exact  car I went out on dates in, when I was a bright eyed sixteen, full of romantic dreams, with no clue how to choose a partner who could manifest them. I remember the boys, and the cars, smelled strongly of talcum powder back then. Just like in American Graffiti, we'd cruise the main street, down one side, seeing and being seen, once through the park, then up the other side. Once I decided to be one of Macbeth's witches and started cackling and rocking from side to side, uttering imprecations. The boy was laughing so hard he almost crashed the car. Another time, I pulled out a false nose and glasses, put them on and started acting all flirtatious, to the amusement of the passers-by.

I couldnt help but reflect, as I passed and passed and passed the cars this morning, that it's odd when the cars one used to go out on dates in are now antiques and one is still waiting for Mr. Right. Or even, given the finite horizon, Mr Right Now........hee hee.

A bonanza! They were having a book sale next to the library and I walked out with an armload for the price of one book. Yippee! 

This weekend is beginning very felicitously.


  1. Wow, that car is a beauty! How lucky you were to go out on dates in such a car. The car I most loved going out on dates in was a male friend's BLUE MUSTANG. I thought I had ARRIVED! May your weekend continue felicitously!

  2. Mr. Right Now! HAHAAHA!

    My car back in the day was a 2 door 66 T-Bird, Silver with black landau top. Oh I miss that bird!

  3. Memories are such storing things are they not? I am just an old sentimental duffer ... cannot help myself. Really! This was fun.


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