Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dwelling in Possibility

from google

When people tell you 
it's impossible,
don't listen.
Even the impossible
is possible -
it just might take
a little longer.

Live in expectation,
with the possibility
that anything can happen
at any moment.

Do you remember
the day you met your true love,
and how golden everything
so suddenly became?
That happened in a moment,
and in the fluttering of your heart,
the world was made new.

No one knows
when a knock at the door
will bring news that
changes everything.

Even world peace
is possible.
It just takes six billion people
changing their minds
to make it so.

Your future is as
bright and unlimited,
as expansive and shining,
as it is possible for you to dream.

Dream big!


  1. Hi Sherry, our poems definitely expressed different perspectives on the 'possibility' idea, but that's okay! Somehow I have just managed to become more of a 'realist' than a 'possiblest' lately, for better or worse.

  2. 'Follow the evidence - wherever it leads.' - Socrates.

  3. wow, this is so inspirational. and brilliant.

  4. I love your is an open thought an invitation to think beyond~ So fun to read! :D
    You really went for it~ Well Done

  5. It all starts in the thought, the dream. Always hold hope!

  6. I like Siddhartha's quote of Socrates, '...follow the evidence-whereever it leads'.

    We must remain inspired of all possibilities, in spite of what we perceive to be recent human based destructive vitriol sometimes accepted as 'reality'.

    Nice inspirational piece, mi amiga

  7. Brilliant... yes, nothing is impossible. Dream, BIG!
    Lovely Sherry!

  8. This offers great perspective and advice, Sherry. I appreciate the underlying message that we might be able to create more possibility, more opportunity, simply by changing our own perspective. I always look forward to visiting here. You never disappoint.

  9. Oh, yes, Sherry!! Your sentiment rests with hope on my heart! I love this stanza:
    "Live in expectation,
    with the possibility
    that anything can happen
    at any moment."
    So neat, too, that I found that you and I used some of the same words for our poems!

    Here's mine if you like:

  10. This is a lovely, positive and hopeful poem, Sherry. :-)

    Sorry I haven't been around lately. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind. Hopefully things should settle down a bit in the near future and I'll be back to visiting my old friends.


  11. Sherry,

    A poem full of hope and positivity. A delight to read :)

    Thank you for your faithful visits to my poems Sherry. Much appreciated.

    Best Wishes,


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