Friday, May 25, 2012

Bear With Me

One of two grizzlies at the Grouse Mountain Wildlife refuge.
Photo taken by Jason Hightower.

I decided we needed to observe a more civilized species today. So I found some grizzlies, most of them living on Grouse Mountain, where the Olympics were held in 2010.

Grouse Mountain, photo by, taken during the Olympics

Grouse Mountain grizzly - Peter Macdonald photo

photo by

Sleeping bear photo by

Sleeping wolf photo by
One of the wolves living in the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife
on Grouse Mountain


  1. Nice photos, Sherry. I observed grizzlies and black bears in the zoo today. I know this is not what you had in mind; but they really awe me.

  2. Wonderful photos, Sherry. I have long been fascinated by bears, they are a symbol of introspection, and quiet meditative dreaming. I can live with that, lol.



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