Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inner vision

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The prompt at Poetry Jam this week is "the blind leading the blind". 
This woman immediately popped into my mind. True story.

She was ninety-three,
blind, and in a wheelchair.

I found her
in her back garden,
on that beautiful spring day,
and thought how sad it was
that she could no longer see
the flowers  she had planted
all around her yard.

But as I bent
to kiss her,
she smiled,
"Oh, there you are, my dear.
I was just sitting here
enjoying the warmth of the sun,
and listening to all 
of the beautiful birds 
Isn't it the most wonderful day?"

I would have thought,
loving the natural world
as I do,
that losing sight of it
would be the worst
that could befall me.

But she taught me
that beauty remains,
even when some things
one considers essential
are lost -
as long as the soul
continues to
look for
the gifts.


  1. This is a beautiful poem, Sherry. It is so true, I think, that one can find beauty even IF one is blind. One just has to 'see' in different ways. Thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam today!

  2. mmm she taught you a beautiful thing...losing any sense would be hrd...but i have found those that have to be amazingly insightful about it as well...a special capture here sherry...and thanks for the heads up as well on that spammer...

  3. What a lovely story that was! So happy you shared this...thank you Sherry!

  4. This is fantastic, Sherry. It's my favorite of yours so far. I really love it.

    "she could no longer see
    the flowers she had planted
    all around her yard"

    This reminds me of how a mother cares for her children when she's young; but when she ages and circumstances change, she may find herself unable to "see" her children or grandchildren due to loss of sight, moving, or death.

  5. What a beautiful lesson you learned from a beautiful human being. Thanks so much for this today, it's very synchronistic,


  6. This poem is a blessing in itself....what a beautiful lesson in these lines. I love love love this Sherry!!!

  7. Oh my ... your poem brought back so many memories of the precious men and women living in Memory Care with my mother. They simply enjoyed the feelings of 'being' even though they could not remember.

  8. A beautiful poem and a lesson that can benefit many of us. Thanks so much for playing along over at Poetry Jam!

  9. Your poem, your memory, is as sweet as a Sherry blue sky.

  10. Wow!! This is lovely Sherry.
    It speaks to the heart of my core.
    I bet we hear the same birds in the morning or possibly they're cousins and I say this without knowing or seeing the birds that sing for you. Your wealth is inside you.

    The sun is shining here an so I'm going outside to finish painting my small patio fence rail that I sanded and primed yesterday. I'm going to cut my lawn then water all the lovely plants my wife has planted around the house. This is my wealth.

    Have a wonderful day, Sherry, and enjoy your present.

    Tu amigo

  11. losing something requires acceptance of a new reality, and i imagine as well as know that there's a transition time associated with any new reality. this time contains grief. but time moves on, with or without us, and there is joy in new realities, often counter-intuitive.

  12. nice, Sherry. did you ever play that game, which would you rather lose, your vision or your hearing? despite my love of my garden, i always said i did not want to lose my hearing. the birds! the BIRDS! xo


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