Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sebastian's Journey

Today was overcast, not a good day for the lake. So we went to my (and Pup's) favorite spot: Stamp Falls, where the river is in full roar right now.

This little wayfarer is three year old Sebastian, who is my sidekick one weekend a month (this time for four days), so his foster mom can have a break.

He is adorable, and loves nature the way I do. He can be made totally happy with one small creek and a handful of stones! Being in nature is one gift I give all the kids in my care, as I have done all through the years. It is a gift that seems to stay with them through life.

Sebastian, contemplating the traditional hunting and fishing grounds of his ancestors,
the Nuu Chah Nulth First Nations.

Stamp Falls is the main channel for the salmon to make their migration every fall. The current is strong, especially farther down-river, where they make a perilous leap up the rocks, against the current, on their journey.

Sebastian is on a journey too, one more little wayfarer whose path crosses mine for a time. I think back to all the little boys who have walked beside me here, 
looking up at me with their trusting eyes and little smiling faces.

Of course, we spoke of Pup here, as for so many years every time I came here, it was with him. This was his favorite place locally, as it is the wildest. His wolf howl likely can be heard here nights, under the full moon. Next full moon, I must come and listen.

The salmons' natural route is up the rocks on the left. On the right, a corner of the man-made fish ladder, their alternate route, can be seen. It is a glorious thing, every fall, to watch them making their mighty leap against the current, falling back to gather in the calmer resting pools down river, then trying yet again.

Spring blossoms in the wilderness.

Little sojourner, on The Path.

As he scampers away, it occurs to me that this little boy, 
too, is on a path that soon will lead him away from me, 
and on to others' caring arms. 

This life has taught me so much about
loving and letting go. 

I think I am about ready to receive
my Masters' in this particular field of study!


  1. What a lucky boy Sebastian is to have you as his master teacher. I am sure what you are teaching him will live with him throughout his life. And for you? There is little that can compare with sharing one's own joy with a child. You both are winners.

  2. Sebastian looks like a darling boy, with those bright eyes and his winning smile. I hope he carries your lessons in his heart forever, and passes them on to his own little boys and to others who cross his path.
    It seems to me such a shame foster children have to be moved around so often, but I'm glad he is having his time with you, and with the memory of Pup.

  3. Hi Sherry, what a great post, photos and written thought. Thank you for bringing us along. I needed a little taste of nature to end the day.

  4. Sebastian is adorable. Reminds me of my little grandson. I love the setting. You and Sebastian are sharing a magnificent splendor of nature here.

    I think you do deserve a Master's from the University of Life.

  5. What a sweet face! He looks like he has some Inuit in his heritage. I know he enjoys your stories of Pup. I hope he takes those and your love of nature with him through life.

  6. What a precious smile you've been blessed to care for and he so blessed to walk your path a step or two.

    I am certain that when he is older he will hold these mossy memories of you most dear.

    This is a master's post today Sherry.

  7. What a wonderful day you gave to him.

  8. You are giving that little boy something he will treasure for all of his life. Happy Memories that no-one can ever take away from him.
    As a foster care child myself, I lost count of how many different homes I was in, both state run and private family run and, I can tell you that it leaves some dreadful scars from adults who don't care about how little kids feel.
    love that you care about them and are teaching them to love their roots too, Sherry. I'm sure Pup was with you as you walked :)

  9. I would love to walk and smell the forest and hear your boy (and pup) voices ~

    Aren't we always learning and walking along the journey ~

    Happy Monday ~

  10. Well said Mary. Hey mi amiga, Sherry, I think I could hear the waters running/roaring while I scrolled these wonderful prompts/pics and more importantly, I think I heard 'Pup' barking/howling at the smile of the moon as they both share in your presence. As we all who have been in the pleasure of your sharing.
    We're all in this together,mi amiga, and shall always be.
    Tu amigo, Nene

  11. What gifts you give Sebastian...and what gifts he gives to you! Your gifts to him will last a lifetime. This post lifts my heart this morning with its natural beauty and love of all creation.

  12. what a moving post, from the green and rushing photos, to sebastian and yourself, and to your reflections at the end. thank you for this. that little boy's smile is special, and so are you.

  13. now that is a cute kid, and a beautiful day, and a beautiful life.


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