Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Beach

When you are
in love with place,
the winds
blow love your way.
Every day
begins and ends
with pure
The white, soft sand
the bottoms
of your feet,
and the dune grass
burns golden
in the amber light
just before dark,
when the sun
goes down.
Your heart
takes flight
on every
eagle's wing,
when you are
in love with place,
and it knows
your name.

My first wordle - 15 words used out of 30.


  1. Love this and I am in love with a place and it knows my name, but I'm 800 mls from it~ Beautiful; Lovely~

  2. You have a wonderful place to be in love with...I am in love with it and I do not even live there....lovely...bkm

  3. Dreany. I'm in love with lots of places, and I use them as mental images when I can't sleep.

  4. Wow, that is wonderful. A morning walk on the beach for me. :-) (I am love with a place too but it is 350 miles away.)

    I really enjoyed this and can't believe it was made from that wordle! :-) Well done.

  5. How beautiful. It made me sigh!

  6. So lovely and, dare I say, comforting. Made me feel good to read it, Sherry. The pace, tone and word choices all lent to this.

  7. Beautiful write! One of my favorites! So wonderfully simple!

  8. I love the picture of the snowy beach - not something you'll ever see in Africa. And your words never fail to stir the emotions.Those final lines are pure mastery.

  9. Sherry, what a dreamy feel this has.
    It speaks so clearly of how you feel.


  10. Sherry, this flows so well that I forgot about the wordle completely. Really well done and comes from the heart and soul. Brava! my friend,


  11. Beautifully done. You are a natural with wordles.

  12. dreamy and peaceful. not sure what a wordie is, but i love what this evokes.
    your words, your photos, your blog, your spirit, all beautiful, sherry blue sky.

  13. Lovely Sherry beautiful images seen when reading this, so many places I love and some even remember my name.

  14. Sherry,
    You have been busy!
    A wonderful read, with my thoughts wishing I was on that beach.
    Great wordle skill at play also!!

    Hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend Sherry.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  15. Not bad at all. Nice "wordle" indeed!

  16. I remember a guy who was in love with a place - it was a bar called "Cheers" - and everybody knew his name: "Norm!"


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