Thursday, February 3, 2011


I leave you
the morning sun
shining out of
a hot blue sky
in summer;
and the sharp scent of the first
after a thunderstorm.
I leave you the
soothing softness
of the first spring rain,
and the fresh
rising off the mountains
on a coastal morning.

I leave you the night sky,
your own personal Planetarium,
its show changing
from night to night,
from year to year.

I leave you
my gratitude
for the beauty
of the world;
it has sustained me,
and kept me alive
through dark times
 a brighter day.

I leave you the sunrise,
with each new day's
early promise,
and the sunset,
each evening's

I leave you the forests green,
to be their guardians,
and the ocean's
endless waves,
to remind you
there is
a larger landscape
than the one
we see.

I leave you
the wonder
of a snow-topped
and the dew drops
off the curled
leaves of dawn.

I leave you
a world of wonder
to walk through
with eyes open,
and a reminder
to tread gently
upon the planet's skin.

I leave you
the awareness
is a
and the recognition
that we are
much more than
we can understand.

I leave you
a whisper
on the winds
of tomorrow,
 remind you
I love you,
that you
my journey.
Through you
I have known
laughter and tears,
have grown up
and have
grown whole.

When you miss me,
look up
at the sky,
share a blue sky
 and know that I am near.
Or walk beside the sea
and, in its roaring,
how I loved it,
and walk along
the shore
a ways
with me.


  1. Oh Sherry that is all so, so beautiful!

    "Or walk beside the sea
    and, in its roaring,
    how I loved it"

    Oh yes, me too.

  2. Oh this is so beautiful you brought tears to my eyes....a tribute to your beautiful soul Sherry.... and I love how you entwined your favorite quote....blessings...bkm

  3. Authentic - what a great will.

    As to your question: How does one take a picture of a poem?

  4. That was really lovely.

    "Or walk beside the sea
    and, in its roaring,
    how I loved it,
    and walk a ways
    with me."


  5. So filled with love and wonder, Sherry. Thanks for putting your gentle soul into words here.

  6. The wonders of the world and your love.
    No greater gifts to bestow.

  7. Wow I finally get out and about and I get to read this from you? What a wonderful and colorful piece you have offered us here. It was very very beautiful Sherry. I am so glad I stopped by!
    ~ robb

  8. Each and every word packed with wonder and reverence. Incredible, Sherry. All I could do was sigh when I finished.


  9. Wow, thanks, kids....when it comes to things I love about natuire and being alive, I really could have written all day:)! what's not to love?

  10. I almost cried when I read this.
    It's really really beautiful.


  11. All beautiful things to leave behind. Thoughtfully done.

  12. This is the legacy of a woman who has loved life and the world in its every particle. Just beautiful, Sherry.

  13. What a legacy this will leave. This is a gift to everyone who reads it. Wonderful work!

  14. Can't help thinking many of those things were not yours to give...except as memories...

  15. Sherry,
    This is wonderful, this poem was meant to be! What a breath of fresh air, so insightful of the larger picture and beautiful!

  16. Sherry Blue Sky,
    What can I say, except that you are 'The Blue Sky Lady'!
    Your words always reflect the importance of the natural gifts around us and the love of your family.
    Your legacy Sherry, is captured within all your words.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  17. Very lovely poem Sherry, you leave us with words of wisdom and a life of love. Thanks for your visit...

  18. Sherry, this is wonderful...and those who are beneficiaries of your legacy are very fortunate indeed!

  19. oh Sherry, every phrase has been offered with the deepest tenderness, sensitivity, lovingkindness. Thank you for this. As we heal ourselves, we heal others too.

  20. what a very touching piece, sherry. i am teary-eyed here. this is one poem i'd like to be read during my eulogy- a special message to my children. this is really beautiful!!!

  21. Lovely. I really like your liking for nature and your desire to pass it on to someone else. Nature herself has a furious desire to live on, and we, being a part of nature want her to live on; and we leave an imprint of this desire on generations to live.
    Your poem is almost song- like and nature herself seems to have left a breath of her beauty on it.
    My mom also enjoyed the poem immensely and she wants to pass on this message to you.


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